Katie:Obsessed with the Gender Twisted, At the same talking down on Americans who believe in two genders.

Katie the fucktard

Katie has made the ‘Big Dummy’ and FuckTard category at the same time Congratulation Katie, you do look like a he bitch so it’s only fair that I award this it with two titles so you can pick which one you want to represent

Katie is a low brow writer for ESPNW, who pushes the regressive progressive left ideology by pushing Gender queer or Gender Binary, I know the dumbest shit you ever heard right? Yeah I know, what do youexpect from mentally ill media left stability in the brain?

Let’s get back to the information betwixt roast.

Katie wrote about gender confused Ryan G. On the Michigan swim team Michigan Ryan ‘false’ G. Ryan the it identifies it self as gender queer or non binary. If I make a mistake on these lunacy labels, I don’t give a damn making mistakes on them is an honor. People like this should not be respected. Also Ryan the it goes on to say that the pool is an oasis of Gender obsession. In addition Ryan has the nerve to complain about getting up and putting on the swim gear and being half naked for good part of the day.

Also Big Dummy Katie agrees with her friend it Ryan G. Even though Ryan was unfortunately born. Ryan doesn’t like being addressed as a gender. It prefers to be called they or something, ebonics like that who the fuck cares lol. But here’s the link on the make no sense pro nouns big dummy Ryan and Katie is talking about News flash bullshit.

Michigan has bent over backwards to accommodate this one it to change everything so it Ryan can feel comfortable. Here’s what pussy Michigan did. The changed the womens swim team name to team 42. Furthermore the coach of the swim team is facing heat from the team who’s forced into this regressive political dumb ass ideology.

Conclusion/ Discussion

This is an assault on women, the English language and hard science.

Assault on women, how this is an assault on women is this. These transgender pussies have more rights than women do. If you read my ‘blast’ on two women who got kicked out of homeless shelter for refusing to be roommates with a plastic surgeons science project tranny shit, then you’ll know where I am coming from. Women are being pushed aside to make room for people that don’t even make 3 percent of the population.

Assault on the English language

How this connects is this. When you take away pronouns that clearly define male and female, you will be make the population into big dummies, just like the radical assnecks of islam. This will bleed over into dictionaries and many sources of lexicon, in turn will make it less creditable.

Hard Science.

There’s only two genders and science has hard evidence. Now the ideology of more genders is complete half ass lunacy! Trans science projects can’t reproduce period. In my previous blog roasting the LGBT WTF?! I brought up hard science. To be specific you’re born a gender and your taught how to act according to the gender through parents to caregiver. When a kid hits puberty then he or she will embrace the ‘sex’ of the gender they represent.

Attack at Katie and Ryan

Ryan G:

 You pathetic  squirt of sperm, your mother should’ve squeezed not pushed when she brought your confused ass into this world. News flash motherfucker, the masses will not accommodate your fucking twisted mental disorder on your gender. Neither should anyone or any place of learning should bend over backwards for your gender confused ass fucktard. Guess what no one owes you nothing. You wanna be another gender good for you shit bowl. But remember one thing you will take negatives for doing that. You Trannies are the ultimate Beta! You expect things handed to you. You demand changes in nature to accommodate you, that ain’t gonna happen in the real world. You were born female dick head and you’re going to be a female, it doesn’t matter what that made by ‘hasbro’ genitals you got hanging from your he-pussy. You’re still a female, but what makes you special you’re a very dumb and confused female that needs help or a swift kick in the head.


  You’re the most lame brained ugliest brown turd I ever laid eyes on. Who the hell are you to argue your discredit ideology against hard science that everyone believes. People like you is the reason why more and more people are becoming conservative, accepting God in their life to get away from the diseases on two legs like you. You LGBT pit bull fucktard take up a goddamn human biology class and see for yourself, there’s only two fucking genders. Or maybe you’re too stupid to even realize that. ESPN is losing viewers and subscribers because of wha-bulancing hound dogs, bitching about Tranny equality which is not gonna happen.

Who’s behind this?

I will not leave this blog without directing you my reader to the ‘real’ source of why this confusion is going on. Look no further than agenda 2021 and 2031. The globalist are pushing the extinction of humankind by force feeding these trannies in the Western Society, decline of women so reproduction stops and the end of the humanity as we know it. If you don’t believe me look it up for yourself. The globalist admit this in books and the internet, because they think you guys are fucking dumb as hell. Don’t support LGBT, don’t support transgender treat them like the enemy.

What do to do?

The best thing for people to do, is pull your kids out of major universities. They are the ones that have these left sided women, gender classes all over the damn country. As matter of fact the classes has risen to 300%. Where I am going with this you say? Notice how dumb majority of College kids are? Half of them don’t even know who Abraham Lincoln is, and another good chunk have no clue what the Constitution is either. But they can tell ya the latest trends on fakebook or what’s popping at the happy hour special. To clarify Colleges are not getting your kids ready for the real world. Like I said before this country has been hi jacked and the education system has been fucked up in order to make all American kids idiots. This best thing for you to do is go to higher learning that doesn’t cater to the left sided classes, majority of them are inexpensice trade schools or tech schools.

The real good news is this…Education will be in the power of the people, the federal government will not have any say so in it. Betsy Devos herself said,’give the states control of their own education. Which means bad news for ass stains like Katie and Ryan G. For example let’s say I don’t want Tranny ideology and get rid of leftist snow flake classes, I can.

In closing people ride on Katie Barnes, Ryan G and the University of Michigan. They are the left that are force feeding you this bullshit. So in turn force feed them with defiance and hard truth. Ride on these motherfuckers.


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