Paul Ryan is still a Benedict Arnold


This right here is what Trump means about draining the swamp. By keeping the Goblins close so he can watch them dig themselves into a hole. When the Goblin begs for help Trump slits the Goblins throat.

Paul Ryan targets his own party by with T.V. advertisements to brow beat them down to supporting the new health care legislation.

I am going to get down to the ‘point’ on this.

The Republicans Health Care vs Whoreson ObamaCare. Obama care is full of job destroying mandates. Furthermore Obama Care is designed to destroy the middle case. Also Obama Care is control by useless Bureaucrats. Republican plan puts patients and Doctors in charge. Obama stuck families with soaring premiums. Republican Health Care introduces a competitive market for Health Care, give you more options, and make it affordable to get.

HOWEVER. Most of the claims Paul Ryan says is completely false. 1. Ryan Care does not eliminate the individual mandate. Same mandate that forces people to buy health insurance, if not suffer a tax penalty that’s collected and handed over to IRS. Ryan care tax penalty, the money goes to the insurance company. On that note I smell ‘pussy!’ I am willing to bet Paul Ryan may be getting his sponsor money from insurance companies as wee speak.

Now the AARP and the Medical Association oppose this bill. The establishment and connected Bureaucratic cum scum support it. BOOM there you have it, Ryan Paul has just set himself up to get fired by Trump. Senator Rand Paul and Tom Cotton point out that Ryan Pauls bill does the direct opposite of what Trump says that he wants Congress to repeal and replace Obama Care Ryan’s lame ad.

The ad also blames Trump for putting Paul in charge of replacing ObamaCare. It doesn’t replace Obama Care it amends it, and therefore Paul Ryan and Obama Care needs to be replaced at the same time!

Get this! Even former U.S. Senator Jim DeMint of South Carolina says Paul does not have the votes. The key thing, the Republicans are mad as hell at Paul Ryan for using resources and money they will need to for the 2018 mid term election. BOOM another smoking gun that Paul Ryan is for the establishment. Paul is simply following his orders to slow Trump down and make him look bad. However the Republicans had no idea that they’ll be in trench warfare with  this stupid bill that’s against what President Trumps’ plan of destroying whoreson Obama’s legacy.

What makes the Republicans that hate Paul is this. Before the election Paul was worried that he’ll lose his speaker job if Trump wins. Low and behold he did, now this bone head establishment move Paul the traitor made. The Republicans will want an alternative speaker to replace Paul Ryan…To you Paul Ryan you’re fired bitch!


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