Women kicked out of Homeless Shelter


Two women were kicked out of a Homeless Shelter in Canada, because they refused to be room mates with he-bitch. He bitch means an ultimate beta male that still has his whistle dick and tic-tac balls but he identifies himself as woman during ‘its’ pathetic transformation.

The women who stood up for themselves were asked to leave the Homeless shelter for good because of two things. One they stood up for themselves and two, is really Canada’s regressive left labeling them as intolerant.

Canada’s Progressive law ( really regressive left)

Canada forbids discrimination to an ‘it’ that wants to live life as the opposite sex. Get this rule gives more authority over women and giving the ultimate beta male poon tarts more rights when they want to transform into a he-bitch. One of the homeless women Blaine highlighted the real issue is, when dumb ass advocates demand the men and women can openly change their biological sex to a gender they fill comfortable with.

If Whore son Obama got his way, the U.S. courts will have to eliminate the single sex bathrooms to shower facilities to make room for the he-bitches that barley make 0.03% of the population. Which means sex offenders can literally walk into womens bathroom as the fucker damn well pleases. Making it completely unsafe for women in public.

Blaine says, there needs to be a fine line between male, female and transgender.

Also she says, ‘I feel bad for this person going through the transition but they need to be in a place were there are people like them Blaine’s interview with reporter.


When you eliminate the respect between the biological sexes because some mentally disordered he bitch wants to be the opposite sex you have two huge problems. 1. It shows your country is cool with destroying human kind. 2. You’re opening doors for pedophiles and rapist to prey on women freely. This is the problem with mentally fucked up left snow flakes. And for the record no transgender is the opposite sex. They still have the biological and genetic make up they are born with. When people support transgender lgbt wtf!? You support mental disorder. The best way to shut the transgender bullshit down is let people know about it and contact your state law makers to refute the lefts attempt to destroy humanity.


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