CIA is now spying on Americans


Julian Assange announced there’s 22,000 IP addresses in the Wiki Leaks data base. Julian believes that CIA has hit all time low in spying on the American Citizens. He explains this on his video Julian Assange.

Hold to your seats for this one! CIA has lost their cyber space arsenal in a very unsecured incompetent way. The smoking gun, the CIA got their arsenal from the fair weather international black market. I am thinking Communist Chinese Government, perhaps another country down with NWO.

On that note CIA is creator of hundreds of trojan horses to virus aimed at journalist, CEOs all the way down to the typical person using a lap top. Which explains info wars ddos attack, CIA may have had a hand in many cyber attacks against honest journalist.

Let’s not forget this is the same CIA rogues loyal to whoreson Barry Obama. And Obama is pussy hurt that he’s being accused of wire tapping. On top of that there’s more evidence coming out that he did order this during Trumps Presidential campaign. How does this relate to whoreson Barry Obama?

Assange was skeptical of Obama concealing information he had on Trump during or after the election. I believe Obama did and still does have that information if you ask me. However, what makes this blog interesting. Wiki Leaks has been under cyber attack since Tuesday. What this bit of information. CIA is attempting make Wiki Leaks the main target of interest. Let me explain it.

For example the FBI. The FBI will usually have anywhere between 25 to hundreds of operatives in a group of interest. To clarify, you want to get close to a member of the group.Gain trust, then the other operatives in the shadows work in gathering information betwixt setting the group up for a major fall. What the CIA is doing the same thing. They’re working full domination of Wiki Leaks. Attack Wiki Leaks on all fronts, more aggressive move but from what I have read..It’s very sloppy.

However more releases from vault 7 will be released on the CIA. Assange will not say when.

This is apart of drain the swamp. I am pretty sure Trump is playing possum or senile till all the facts are solid and they come in. Even though Trump does have the silent coup on his side vs the rogue globalist bought bad CIA whores on the other. When all of this comes to light. The people will demand cyber privacy executive order and the CIA destroyed immediately. I am sick and tired of the CIA trying to compete with NSA by going against the law of the land and the Constitution.


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