Traitor will be hanged


In the words of Vladimir Putin, ‘ Obama is whore that won’t leave.’ Damn Putin is right and Trump is too. Obama and his Administration is caught red handed in curtailing the Trump team to get access to top secret information and leak it out. Which explains Mc Cains urgent meeting with his terrorist buddies.

The curtailing part about this. The Whoreson Administration of Obama is still in Washington aka surrounding Trump. They get this information to lower the security of it and pass it around like joint in Government and you get your leaks Ladies and Gents. I don’t recall her name, a month ago a woman got busted for leaking information. I am guessing this woman is linked to the good whoreson Obamas’ team of whores.They did this out of fear that Trump would find this information, destroy it or use it against them.

According this article from fair weather NY Times Election HackingElection Hacking that Russia was involved in election hacking. A dumb attempt to trick the public that Trump is Putin’s agent. In addition the latest Witch Hunt is Sessions had meetings with Russia, which is a complete lie. Every time Trump appoints someone notice, that the old Russian agent B.S. comes into play.

Trump accused Obama for wire tapping

Once again Trump is dead on, Wire tap accusing? It’s the truth to me. This reminds of the dumb ass surveillance state started by Whoreson Obama. Also this explains why his pimp ( Valerie Jarret)of the deep state just set up shop in his residence in D.C.

Deep State

The deep state is communist China. They are the ones behind the hacking, propaganda to buying up hollywood and buying politicians in Washington. Russia is not and never will be the enemy of the U.S. This is why Putin Boldly said it’s the Democrats along with U.S. fake media pushing this. Also now we have Obama getting investigated for sending millions of dollars to Kenya Arming Kenya?.

Obama’s goal Obama’s goal to get Trump impeached or resign. Now the second whore child Eric Holder sounds like a true Herald that Obama will be back in the White House. Also the mentally illness like pressuring Session to admit he works for the Russians. This is how stupid the Democrats are.

Since I am on the deep state, or should I say China lil bitches. George W. Bush is on the pay roll too. He was on Ellen and the Jimmy Kimmel Show talking about, how Trumps team may be Russian agents. And Notice how he’s so close to transgender Mike Obama and new friends with some Demon-crats. What this means the whores of the deep state are in panic betwixt going all out. China desperately needs a war. Special Forces in Africa say they’ve seen tons of Chinese military men with African Wives working in mines, farming and all that good stuff. What this means China is going to have to change it’s one child policy betwixt doing a take over of Africa to get resources in large quantity. In addition notice how China is beefing up it’s paper military. In 2020 stiffer laws on the China Sea will go into effect, forbiding any foreign ship with out the nod from China will be attacked. Another sign of weakness from Communist China is the unemployment, they’re actually urging it’s citizen to get into the USA illegally. This way they can down size the growth in America, make it fall without a fight. Typical move from a weak communist Country.

The thing is the gig is up. And looking at this from all sides, it really looks like the deep state are god awful poker players by making moves like this. I said this before in my previous blog, that Trump is merely fat’n up the pigs before he slaughters them. Now good people of CIA bringing this to light because they don’t want this country being controlled by some none elected child molesting banker. Neither military doesn’t want to be told what to do by paper Generals of the globalist aka communist China.

Now if you ask me what will happen in the next few years..I will say we will see the collapse of Communist China internally. Here’s why. Part of china is capitalist and the other side communist. Both cannot coexist, one will fall apart and the other will flourish. Speaking on that look at the rich paper men in communist china and look at typical person in China being oppressed by the communist government.

As for Trump, we will see the corrupted getting what they deserve with life sentences for treason or execution and possibly the banishment of the democratic party. The third thing is history repeating itself. Perhaps this country will follow Russia? Specifically making the same moves to rid the country of globalist filth. Also I have noticed the sudden disappearances of certain Russian officials who met with crooks from the Democratic party. Like I said this is one big game of three dimensional chest and Trump is making every move a check mate…Enjoy federal prison Obama.


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