Investigate John McCain


This is an old photo, but this old crusty white piece of pooh John McCain always meets with his rape buddies when a regime change is going to happen. Better yet he leaks information to his circle jerk friends of Isis and al-qaeda.

As we speak this war mongering Poon pudding is meeting with them again. I do recall Trump gave Mattis thirty days to come up with a strategy to rid the world McCains penis scab friends, better known as terrorist.

Further the beef with Ran Paul and McCains is no joke. Ran Paul popped McCains he twat with a hard fact back in 2013 McCains surprise visit in 2013.McCain secretly met with them.

This is what Mc Cain is everyone. Mc Cain is cantankerous old war mongering poon bowl that wants America to have military industrial complex. In addition he wants war with Russia too. So he figured to guide his poon smear brothers in the middle east to make this happen. Also Mc Cain is a big part of the deep state too. It’s no surprise that Mc Cain obeying his globalist master, to do everything in his power to make Trump look weak. I am willing to bet that Mc Cain is leaking out information to IS IS and al-qaeda on what Trump is doing military wise.

To back this up here’s evidence Mc Cain along with deep state arming terrorist.Evidence

And weapons Weapons ending up in Terrorist hands.

I already sent word to my state representative to have Mc Cain put on trail for treason. His sentence should be the death sentence, specifically a hanging.

Here’s a video that backs all my findings up Kerry rats out Mc Cain


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