MakeToy: Down Beat


Good evening,

Tonight I will review MakeToy Down Beat. Before I begin I will like to thank DC Collectibles for shipping this to me quickly, appreciate that.

MakeToys’ Down Beat is my Jazz! I am glad I past up Generation Toys Jazz. I really don’t care about the other homages to Jazz, as I said before this is my Jazz period.When I got him out the box and transformed him into his bot mode, and just let it soak in…Specifically I said now this is Jazz.


Very minor betwixt can be over looked. The tab on the left leg is tad slim to tab in flush. That’s it.


Actually everything is good on Jazz. Let’s begins with articulation. MakeToy signature ab crunch is on this bad boy. You can get some serious athletic, dramatic and striking poses out of Down Beat.


Outstanding QC, Maketoy astounds me once again with their creativity and keen eye for detail. Everything on Down Beat is sturdy and the plastic is durable. The transformation is a challenge, but after the third transformation I got it. Also I want to point out the cleverness in the engineering in the legs for the transformation. On the instructions it says turn the compartment 180, I had no idea it would slide out and down to form the leg. That really blew me away.


He comes with a shoulder missile launcher. 2 extra faces, grappling hook, speakers for his shoulders and waist. Plus he comes with a nice gun, best Jazz gun out on the market.I actually don’t care for access stuff, but in this case I will make an exception this time! Let’s face it all of it looks good on Down Beat it brings him out as stand alone figure.


Meticulous  is the best words to describe his color apps. The color break up is top notch and eye catching.


He can hold many poses. Furthermore I am still messing around with his articulation because he poses like well made action figure.

Grappling hook Drama

It appears that some of you have broken the handle on the grappling hook. That can be fixed with gorilla glue aka superglue. For those that are scratching their head on how to get the device in Down Beat’s hand, the wait his over I figured out a way to do it safely.

See the nook in front of the thumb? You’ll want to slide that in gently til you feel it. What I mean by that, you’ll feel it sink into his grip.
This is what its suppose to look like when you have it safely in his grip.Next is easy, just wrap the hand around it, and the the grappling hook will peg into the hand.

This is my safe way on doing this without any damage to Grappling hook.

Thoughts on Down Beat

Down Beat is one fun figure to own, you’ll never have a dull time discovering what he can do. Trust me there’s a lot of ‘can do’ with Down Beat, and you can take that to the bank. You’re asking what Jazz mold should I go with Maketoy, Generations Toy or Toy world. As always it’s a  matter of taste, company you trust and which one is your Jazz. Me for example, reason why I flipped off GTs Jazz is this. He’s not smiling, not even a damn smirk on him. I rolled with Maketoy thier figure reminds me of the old smiling, up beat bad ass Lieutenant I grew up reading about and watching. Ya know having fun while he’s beating the energon out of decepticons. As for collector going in on him, Down Beat is not a figure the shelf Collectors. Down Beat is for Collectors who still play with their figures, hell we spend 100 of dollars for these figures might as well play with them till our hands go  numb. Like I said before if you want your child hood Jazz or want a happy MakeToy is the way to go. This will wrap up my review on Down Beat. I will give him a solid 10/10 emphasis on the fun factor. Enjoy the rest of the pictures below and thanks for reading.




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