BBC,Google, AFP, Facebook want to dictate who you can trust and not trust for the French election coming up.


It’s official Crowd Tangle traitor google as announced it goal to help French electorate make sense on who to trust in Frances’ up coming election. What this in means in laymen terms google, facebook, Buzzfeed and AFP want to dictate to the French people who they should trust.

Now the derp-derps want to do this now because Le Pen is ahead in the polls for this Election in France. And they’re doing the same tactic that failed when Trump was running for President, and they failed. Before I go any further, this blog is actually for the French people who are supporting Le Pen, aka nationalist, proud French men and Women that want to make their Country beautiful again. If you’re French, I am pretty sure you know about the stupidity fakebook, buzz ‘kill’ feed and how far they will go. What I am giving you is heads up to avoid the globalist henchmen click bait b.s.

This is how the derp-derp system works.

Now assholes want to encourage you to use links that seem questionable. Cross Check website gets this and conduct their lame investigation. For better explanation check this out Cross Check stupidity.

Notice it’s a none profit group? In the United States majority of these none profit groups are ten out of ten funded by George the pig demon Soros. What their going to do is twist the links article and cross it with their resources causing confusion and distrust. For example let’s say you read an article from a trusted news outlet in France that has been 100/100 honest but catching pure hell from the evil islam supporters aka anti French. What the Cross Check will do is discredit the website and find away to shut it down. In addition twist Le Pens words or deem as hate speech. Get enough hate speech penalty flags then your favorite honest media outlet my get blocked or banned. This way the derp derp establishment will have articles for Le Pen’s rival. I will not call him by name but he’s a patsy for the Rothchilds to see France fall to submission of rape crazed Islam and flood France with rap crazed bastards.


In 2016 this was the same tactic used against Beritbart and Infowars which led to them getting banned, links blocked on certain social media platforms that are hardcore supporters of NWO. This started the insane free speech attack in the U.S.

In addition traitor Germany is setting a special government to combat the truthful news they call fake news. In the UK, they’re claiming the massive wave is against democracy Undermining democracy. That’s what the stupid left want you to believe that. All this fact checking and censoring, they’re the ones undermining democracy and stomping on peoples God given right of free speech and seeking the truth. The left is mentally ill folk that will go into a frenzy when you hit them with facts, question them on what they stand for, when they can’t answer they get mad and want to ban everything.

How to fight back

Here’s how to fight back French People. Do not trust fakebooks newsfeeds, don’t use googles search engines and get your news and correct polls from social media, news websites that support Le Pen aka seekers of truth. Do not pay attention to the U.S. fake news broadcasting such as CNN, NBC Msn, just you tube Alex jones or his website info wars and get your truth from what he provides. I am not boosting Alex Jones just giving you alternatives news sites that don’t want to dummy you down and mislead you.


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