Trump at CPAC


On Friday President Trump received a mind blowing round of applause when he took the stage to speak at CPAC 2017. In true ‘Alpha’ Male style he immediately got into his statement he made on twitter calling the media fake news. In my opinion he’s too kind to call the presstitute media fake. Now I am calling the Main Stream Media two things Tall Tale News or Poon News. For the rest of this blog I am going go word for word what Trump said and post a link to the video.

“A few days ago I called the fake news ‘the enemy of the people,’ and they are. They are the enemy of the people,” he said, criticizing their “dishonest coverage” of his administration.

And he’s right! Poon News are controlled by the big six  and the big six is being told what to do by the establishment. They don’t have your interest in mind. They want to control your mind and force you to believe their tall tales.

“They get upset, they say we can’t criticize their dishonest coverage because of the first amendment. They always bring up the First Amendment,” he said. “I love the First Amendment. Nobody loves it better than me.”

Not only the Poon News does this, the lefty fucktards do the exact same thing. Bring fact, different opinion or challenge them they throw a  bitch fit.

“We have to, to turn things around. The era of empty talk is over,” he said. “It’s over. Now is the time for action.”

He has definitely behind the biggest ‘boom’ the stock market has seen in years! And more and more career jobs are coming back to America.

“The GOP, from now on, will be the party of the American worker,”

This is another ‘body blow’ to the globalist, getting America away from the NWO. At the same time President Trump is setting all the pillars of the globalist on fire to collapse it so the fucktards still in the dark can see who was responsible for ruining America. America will be going back to the Constitution and there’s solid proof we will be pulled out of the U.N. because it goes against the Constitution ( will get that to you later).

“There is no such thing as a global anthem, a global currency, or a global flag,” he said. “I’m not representing the globe. I’m representing your country.”

Another right hook to the gut of the wobbly legged globalist. That President Trump will have U.S.A. first in every deal he makes and this Country will not be hijacked by dick scabs like George Soros ever again. Lastly he loves his job.

“The future belongs to all of us,”

No translation for this.

Trump at CPAC 2017



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