Mosul Liberated


Good evening and Happy Friday! Good news here, since the presstitutes of Tall Tale Media won’t cover this. Mosul has been liberated from ass clown terrorist group. The Christians there along with their Arch Bishop Raphael Sako, built this cross shown above and then placed wooden crosses on every house and building symbolizing this our faith and this our Country. Sako goes on to say, We have ancestors that are buried here. We live and die here, this our land and we’ll fight for it. Proof.

In addition Sako calls for rebuilding their homeland. And Sako and others are proud Iraqis to have toughed out a hard time and got their home land back from the Terrorist Group. Also the Arch Bishop preformed a Mass, the first mass on their own soil for two whole solid years. This is a special event of the People since derp-derp Isis occupied it.

A year ago the Iraqis showed ‘backbone’ Easter message urged Christians not to leave Iraq despite of the hardship, Christians must stand united in their homeland. Talk about standing your ground. Now this is stuff I like blogging about. People giving the middle finger to Saudi Arabian, George Soros funded islamic invasion. The Christians in Iraq did not leave their land, they didn’t ask for a hand out they stayed strong and true to their faith, this is fucking bravery to me.

In conclusion this is ‘huge’ to the middle east and a herald for things to come to the opposition that dark days is coming to establishment and their islamic poon squads.

If you haven’t heard about this? Like I said before the Tall Tale News don’t cover real stories they rather make one up and cause hysteria. This is  good news on a Friday, remain strong Sako and all the Christian Iraqis.


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