Sam Altmans bullshit Blog

Bullshit artist at best

Good afternoon, today I read Sam Altmans’ blog. He ‘says’ he interviewed over hundred Trump supporters and traveled the country…I don’t believe this lefty snow flake left california, looking at the answers he provided on his blog.

But let’s talk about Sam. He’s one of the CEO at Silicone Valley. As you know Silicone Valley is the goblin breeding ground for extreme P.I.S.S. folk. This clown didn’t vote for Trump and the punch line? He didn’t even say who he voted for. My hypothesis he voted for Hillary. After Silicone Valley does take orders Social Justice Jackasses and the Communist Chinese to adopt Censoring the net. As you can see I don’t believe majority of what good ole liar Sam is saying in his blog. In addition I will show you how clueless this liberal scum bucket is. Specifically pointing out the B.S. I found in his blog. O yeah for those who want to stick up for this guy, you’re saying it’s his opinion and I am either a racist or nazi for writing this blog against him. If you don’t like it tough titty don’t read it.


— I did not expect to talk to so many Muslims, Mexicans, Black people, and women in the course of this project.

This is typical of a liberal snowflake to play the ‘lil white naive snowflake by acting like he didn’t know Trump has followers from many ethnic backgrounds. And one thing he get’s wrong is muslim. Muslim is not a ethnic race it’s a name for someone who follow the satanic Quran.

Hasn’t ever occurred to him to find out why African Descents and Mexican Americans, Women jumped on the Trump express? Here’s why Sam. They woke the fuck up. They’ve finally got a man whose telling the truth the Country is fucked up. The left, Democrats and their leaders the Establishment has been running this country to the ground. Oh no Sam didn’t want to research this himself.

Almost everyone I asked was willing to talk to me, but almost none of them wanted me to use their names — even people from very red states were worried about getting “targeted by those people in Silicon Valley if they knew I voted for him.” One person in Silicon Valley even asked me to sign a confidentiality agreement before she would talk to me, as she worried she’d lose her job if people at her company knew she was a strong Trump supporter.

I highly doubt anyone was willing to talk to one of the lap dogs for censoring the net in public. The same people who are targeting Trump supporters, maybe the same people that hang out with Sam in the first place. Like I said in the opening Blog Silicone Valley is where the Liberal Fucktards dwell. And people do get fired, lose sponsorship and friends if they support Trump. I lost a fake friend and good riddance too. Don’t like being around dumb ass left people in the first place. Is Sam going to put on the big boy pants and stop this??? The answer no, because he doesn’t want to get bitch slapped by his superior(s)

The TL;DR quote is this:

“You all can defeat Trump next time, but not if you keep mocking us, refusing to listen to us, and cutting us out. It’s Republicans, not Democrats, who will take Trump down.”

I don’t believe Sam quoted anyone. I believe he said this himself. Here’s another flaw in his phony blog. The Democrats is and always will be against a unified America. Look at the history of the Democrats, they’ve been about dividing since this country first began. Here’s  some facts on that. Jim Crow laws, Slavery, denying African Descents to vote ( They all voted Republican.) Against Immigrants from Ireland, China and many more. The Republicans this quote uses, he’s talking about the Republicans that take money from Goldman sachs and George Soros, aka traitors of America, aka bitch boys for the shadow government. Not all Republicans roll with the traitors because they woke up I wish Sam soft ass would.

Some of these answers about Trumps Immigration Ban and Border Wall are believable and I am sure Sam was not happy to hear.

“He will preserve our culture. Preservation of culture is considered good in most cases. What’s wrong with preserving the good parts of American culture?”

“I’m Mexican. I support the wall. The people who have stayed have destroyed Mexico, and now they want to get out and cause damage here. We need to protect our borders, but now any policy is like that is called racist. Trump was the first person willing to say that out loud.”

“We need borders at every level of our society.”

“I’m willing to postpone some further social justice progress, which doesn’t really result in loss of life, in favor of less foreign policy involvement, the opposite of which does.”

“Brown people are always the out-crowd. I think subconsciously, part of the reason I supported him was a way to be in the in-crowd for once.”

Just when Sam’s blog looks legit then another curve ball comes my way.

The way he talks about women is despicable.”

“Everything about his style. We only voted for him because this election was too important to worry about style.”

“I don’t like most things about him. The way it worked is we got to choose one of two terrible options.”

“I think our nation needs Trumpism to survive long-term, and to me, that supersedes almost every other reservation I have. My issue is with Trump himself — I think he’s the wrong vessel for his movement, but he’s all we’ve got, so I’m behind him.”

This sounds more like one of those liberal minded hee-haws. That opening statement on how he treats women hails from what he said fucking 12 years ago, aka grab her by the pussy. ‘FACT!’ A lot of women thought it was funny/ Some women said, well at least he likes women/ More women started supporting Trump! Sam is suppose to be some Computer wiz? Some don’t read true polls lol.

Majority of the soft ass ignorant people can’t handle a person that spews out ‘blunt truth’ in your face. These fuckers in the west coast have been so brainwashed to listen to beta male liars for a long time. He’s not the right vessel for this movement. That’s wrong, what I am about to say is not an opinion. I did my research on Donald Trump. Ya see my man Trump was apart of the establishment but he didn’t participate in none of the evil shit they were doing. He was literally waiting, biding his time and making, ;’making man moves’. He was a sleeper cell, to be specific he wanted to President his entire life. They’ll be more after Trump believe me this is the last fight between good evil and evil like the left to George Soros will fall will not get back up.

“I think the rollout of the immigration executive order is emblematic of a clusterf—, to be completely frank.”

“I now believe the Muslim ban actually makes us less safe.”

“Isolationism and protectionism at this point is insane. We’ve done that before.”

“I, too, worry about the dishonesty. His relationship with Russia, his relationship with women. His relationship with questionable financial matters. These all worry me, and were they to continue, I would lose all respect.”

This shows how low brow people are. The executive order he rolled out was common sense and stuck to the Constitution like super glue on plastic. The Banning of Radical Muslims that hail from undesirable countries was very necessary. I know I covered all of them in my last blog and even posted a video of Stephen Gren telling dumb ass people here, assnecks that believe in killing Christians to none believers should not be let into this country.

“He continually plays into a character that he has created to rile his fan base. Accepting anti-Semitism, white nationalism, or hate emanating unnecessarily creates a vacuum of fear on social media, on television, and around the dinner table. Even though the policies may be similar to that of any recent Republican president, the behavior to act so immaturely sets a bad example for children and undercuts many cultural norms, which more than anything causes disruption to our sociological foundations.”

Cultural norms?! and creating character, this is a typical liberal Snow flake talking not a Trump supporter. Trump is by far enhancing anti-antisemitism, and none of that hateful bullshit the left and Democrats are doing, courtesy of the fake ass Media! Trump behavior is brutally honest, he doesn’t tickle dick with no one he will tell you what’s on his mind, this means he’s hard boiled honest man. And he doesn’t take shit from CNN and all those other fucktarded false media dick scabs that spin stories to enhance hate, racism and even incite wars. Don’t believe me look it up! Children should follow the alpha male roll, this is important for young boys to look at Trump as role model.

So far, his election has driven our nation apart. So far, I see most of the divisiveness coming from the left. Shame on them. I don’t see it quite as bad as during Nixon’s era, but we are truly headed in that direction. I could not speak with my parents during that time because political division would intrude. This Thanksgiving and holiday season were as close as I’ve felt to that in 40 years. We are increasingly polarized. It doesn’t seem to be strictly generational, though that exists. There is an East Coast-West Coast, rural vs. urban, racial, and gender division forming now. It has the potential to be devastating.”

Bullshit what’s dividing this country more and more, here’s the answer. The fake media for pushing phony stories, race baiting and demonizing Trump. Who else is causing the divide is Silicone Valley, George Soros funded protestors and Communist China working with Silicone Valley to go against Free speech. Trump is not out to get anyone but he’s out rid this Country from Globalist Control.

And on that note I will like to say, Nice try Sam Altman. You really failed, I saw through this bullshit and I had to write this blog to stop your false sympathy dead in it’s tracks. I am a Trump Supporter..Trump is not the problem it’s you Silicone Valley, Zuckerberg and Schmitz. You fuckers think you’re net and you’re not, it’s owned by the U.S. Government. It will be great day when all the Technology and jobs come back to this country, so we can build another Silicone Valley and make lefty assnecks like you same obsolete.



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