5 reasons Communist China is driving A Coup against’My’ President.


Before I begin with slamming hard facts here. I will say this I have nothing against Chinese people at all. The problem is their communist Government, that parades like it’s a Country is so wonderful and it’s not! So keep the confusion to yourself, to be specific the communist Chinese are acting like a pack of mean girls with their ‘daddy’ globalism telling them what to do. More so the failing globalist has put faith that China will drive the world into the NWO, when in fact history dictates that China has never won a war on its own. This is how pathetic the Globalist is by picking a fighter that has no fighting experience. Now let’s get to the blogging.

1. Attacking other nations Sovereignty and U.S. too.

China is so little girl that they accuse the U.S. for meddling in foreign affairs. In solid truth China is meddling in buying up the lame Hollywood studios and waging an cyber economic campaign to infiltrate American finances, and American Politics. Also Communist Chinas’ lame wondering hand is found in information technology and energy too.Holistic Cyber attack

When my man Trump spoke to the Taiwanese President. Communist Chinas’ he pussy got hurt. Next Communist China flexed its nwo bought muscle by saying the, ‘ The gloves are off because Trump did not respect Chinas’ ‘one’ Sovereignty. China believes it’s sovereignty is better than their neighboring countries. They ignore Vietnamese and the Philippines sovereignty, by seizing trading lanes in the China Sea. Furthermore Communist China pulls an ‘Eric Cartman’ by building man made Islands that has dozens of military weapons on them Communist China moves to China Sea.

In 1949 Communist China took control of Tibet claiming it’s a Vassal for them over the past centuries. Get this there’s no evidence to prove other wise. To clarify this is what the Communist Chinese government is saying Ha! Like I believe that shit.

2. Encourages Silicon Valley to adopt derp-derp Chinese censorship

Chinese were behind the anti-Trump mental illness to adopt their censorship cook book to prevent him from winning the election. Open media will do no harm ‘however’ as long as rumors and false stuff flood the net, aka fakenews folks. In clear terms keep the real information inconsistent and confusing to the west China carries the torch for fake news.

Look who’s on the cover of the article, Good ole PHRS Mark Zuckerberg of falsebook lol. ( Pubic Hair Replacement System)

Since that stupid tactic failed. The target is Le Pen of France and Future Trump Populist too. Going after Marine Le Pen

Also fucktard twitter is censoring Trumps twitter page. How they’re doing it by placing the negative stuff first and the positive tweets so far down that Trump can’t see them. And here’s the proof proof

Get this New York State University says the Chinese are working on other methods  to maintain none existing dominance on society. Also Fake News had no effect on the election at all FakeNews failure.

3. Propaganda

As I mentioned in previous post China has been wasting it’s money on buying up Hollywood to promote anti American Propaganda. And promote Communist Chinese special Education Interest, at the same time kill American values.

Movie to boycott is ‘Little America’ Mocking Trump.

The lame movie starts with some derp derp is sent to rescue some idiots daughter out of America. Yeah it sounds like the same tired brain dead opening of a movie. But on the real, it’s really mocking  America and armed forces too.

Some soft Billionaire hires an out of work veteran to go get his lack luster daughter out of America. The movie will portray Trump as weak dictator that is bankrupting America.On the flip side the movie will show China is actually in Control of America.

This movie will completely take a nasty ‘dump’ in the face of anyone who goes to watch this dried piece of cinematic horse crap. The best defense don’t even watch movies anymore. Also Communist China wants to portray itself and positive but it’s not working  and it’s very short sighted because too many people like myself can see through this shroud of bowel wastage Communist China throws up Communist China and Californicate relations.

4 Immigration Hypocrisy

In 2015 soft Communist Chinese Government lectured The USA to take in unwanted Muslims into the country Lectured U.S. and China takes zero.

In Communist Chinas’ excuse for not taking in the military aged men into their country. They said majority of China is in poverty and refugees would not like China any way.

In the same year Communist China shows it true Communist fangs by banning Hijabs and banning men with long beards from riding public transportation and going into local eateries Communist Chinas Ban on Islam.

Get this the Communist Government mandate muslims sell alcohol and smokes in stores owned by Muslims. And none muslims going into the store asking for this stuff gets attacked…Talk about stupidity on top of stupid ‘sigh.’

5 Cyber Attacks

China blames the U.S. for Cyber attacks. However Communist China is so sloppy, they’ve been caught trying to hack the pentagon and national security stuff in America China’s sloppy hacking skills

Just in December China once again gets caught hacking into Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation , since 2010 China caught again

Also Chinese used a ddos attack on infowars and on Drudge Report too.

At Davos the globalist ‘great hope’ the Communist Chinese president as the leader to bring Globalism to the world. Also the president is in full gander of his false self too and he’s writing about also Chinas president is full of shit

It’s fitting the defender of the ‘faith’ was given to the dress wearing popes. Now it’s handed to the Communist Chinese President, ha talk about passing a beat up hand me down pair of pants with dick holes in them. Previous owner of the pants was the Pope Francis, explains the dick holes and why it smells like three week old protein shake.


It’s still evident the falling apart globalism is still pushing in NWO, when in fact it’s falling apart. Even the soft in the middle pope tart bankers and all of the NWO assnecks know for damn sure the old Roman Empire tactic is done. Even if they send their soft army to force countries to stay, they don’t have the money and power to do it. But now they want to use China. For the sake of history. China got its but kicked by Japan. China couldn’t take Taiwan in WWII and yet Communist China calls it a province and the Taiwanese people say other wise! Also paper Communist China is making moves to start WW3. On their roll out in two years, preventing no foreign ship on the China Sea without approval by the communist Government. If you don’t believe me look it up yourself. Furthermore China is allowed to break the contract they have with the pussy nwo by building a military. So it looks like the Globalist is setting up China to me. If China does start WW3 their people will starve, the country will be surrounded and their neighboring Countries will take advantage of the opportunity to turn on them. I am willing to bet Vietnam will love to carve China up like thanksgiving hog! These are hard facts that China is scared to death of Trump and the world wide 1776 going on. In addition China is scared, they will have 1 or no allies if they start a war. Keep in mind this summer when all the European Countries get out of the EU and start kicking out the radical alien invaders in their countries, the cold hold truth the nwo has failed!

Communist China shows it’s inferiority by going to silicone valley and talk traitors like Zuckerberg and Schmitz of google. News flash they are not the internet. The internet is porperty of the U.S. Government. Keep in mind Zuckerberg wants to run for president in 2024, and he’s working with globalist, I mean what fucking moron right?

What I see happening, more and more people around the world will develop absolute disdain towards the Country of China by witnessing how they act, moves they make and what they say about Sovereign Countries. What good is 2 million soldiers when your country is flanked by countries that doesn’t like yours? Does China really think they have a friend in Russia? When Russia pulled out of the NWO and have no desire to return to it either. Who does communist China think will aid them it won’t be Russia at all. Neither Iran, Iran goes by the satanic Quran they make no deal with the infidel. So Basically all China is doing is acting like little girl meddling in grown folks countries affairs for their dying daddy globalist diaper stains….To me Communist China has already lost and they don’t even know it yet.


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