Betsy Devos: 6 Reasons why the left and the Establishment hate her. And we love her.


Good evening. I wanted to cover this story a few days back. But I feel the need to explain why the left, establishment and big dummy Monica don’t like her.

First off Betsy despises Common Core. This is possibly the main reason why they hate her. It’s my gut instinct that Betsy doesn’t want to see a ‘stupid’ America like the left does, she wants schools to have a choice and keep the Federal Government out of the Classrooms.

Reason 1:

States have the right to toss out common core with no penalty.

President Trump and Devos cannot penalize states that want to toss out Common Core. States can break their chains from federal control and affiliated programs with no penalty. What this means, this is a part of the constitution, education will be left to the state aka to the people on how they want to educate the children.

Reason one why they hate her:

Children will no longer be brain washed by leftist Common Core that’s designed to make kids dumb, gender confused and be slaves to the NWO government.

Reason 2:

2: Issue guidance that says the Every Student Succeeds Act’s (ESSA) provision that gives the education secretary power over state curricula and tests is not enforceable due to its extremely vague language.

This prohibits ‘government’ from mandating, directing, controlling, influencing and exercising and direction or supervision over academic standards. In addition ESSA is a mockery of the current Common Core lol. The punch line, as I said before the Government will have no say so on what are the standards for educating children.  Betsy will not mandate anything Check it out.

Details of what the ESSA will do for kids. To be specific gear them up for prosperity.

Work force act

National Report Card

These are just a few things I found available. But there will be more to come. This part you have to research yourself.

ESSA itself destroys the federal mandates on schools today.

Reason 3 Put forward a plant to destroy her department.

Devos actually confirmed to eliminate her department. To clarify, like I said already to keep big Government, establishment and dumb ass left assnecks out of education. Proof.

In addition Betsy urges the hell out of Trump to send States Education dollars and let the state and citizen manage the education of Children how they see fit! What that means, here’s an example. Let’s say I wanted to start a gifted program for writers in my high school to compete with private schools that cater to the arts. I will be able to do so and Trump and Betsy have no say so on how make the curriculum ect. This will open the doors for mentor ship programs to making public schools compete with expensive private schools when it comes to education.

Reason 4: Address local education before school choice.

What this means Public schools to home schooling must meet the requirements to new Common Core standards. Or some how meet some what of the requirements depending on the schools shape.

However States are not cool with imposing uniform requirements on schools. However Holland urges Devos make local control for the schools, in priority to paves the way for schools choice programs by announcing her intention to use authority to advocate free states from being controlled by the Federal Government.

Reasons 5: Invite onto her staff education experts who are committed to the Constitution’s provision that the federal government has no authority in education.

Attention is on Betsy and Grass roots education for kids Article.

Holland urges Betsy to invite education intellectual that over stands the Federal Government that has no Constitutional right to control schools.

Reason 6: Reverse the Obama administration’s regulatory gutting of the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).

2015 Trump promised to destroy private loopholes to keep students personal information ‘private.’

Federal Law Prohibits U.S. Education Department from maintaining a national database on Student. Government has for years been building statutory to evade this prohibition. In fact the law essentially created the federal role in education also called for data base monitoring compliance in exchange for federal funds. Now the structure now incentitives states to build identical and therefor sharable. The data systems, enabling de-facto national database.

On the previous paragraph was implemented by dumb ass Obama to treat kids like slave and have a database on kids like their like crooks. You can have a look at the pdf file for yourself. This is the ‘main’ reason why Betsy is being attacked. Because this the Obama NWO tracking kids is over . ‘Cogs in the Machine: Big Database, Common Core, and National Data Base ( You can type this in and find the pdf file.)

In closing slash rant:

This is why Demon-crats and left hate Betsy because they just lost their power. In addition, hell this why so damn many assnecks like Big Dummy Monica don’t like Betsy either because under her leadership kids will be smarter than she is. I researched Betsy deeply to see why the dumb ass college facebook mongers don’t like her. To Big Dummy Monica and other dickheads like her, listen to this…SHE’S GOING TO SAVE THE EDUCATION SYSTEM YOU FUCKING ASSNECKS!



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