You Big Dummy


Good evening, adding a new category to my blog ‘slash’ diss on big dummy folk that are so indoctrinated it’s mind boggling. Being on social media is a hive full of Libtards, FuckTards, P.I.S.S. and big dummies too. Today’s big dummy is Monica L. She was never my friend at all just someone I knew.

How it all started

This anti climatic troll started when I posted a ‘real’ article about Devoe, Trumps pick to fix the big dummy education. Let’s say Monica couldn’t back up the truth I put on her feed so she deleted me. Naturally I PMd her to thank her and asked her why. Take a look at this.


Thanks for deleting me

You’reeee welcome

Very adult of you too.

Monica: You’re right, because I don’t choose to associate with idiocy like that.

Me: You’re acting like one. I thought we were having an adult differences..Apparently not. You took it to heart and got sensitive on me a shame.

Monica: Not necessarily, it just gave me a good excuse to unfriend you finally because I was sick of seeing the uneducated, unsubstantiated nonsense you post on a daily basis.

Me Let me guess truth from info wars?

Monica: Info wars is run by a conspiracy theorist and, spoiler alert, is an actual fake news website. Breitbart is run by a Nazi sympathizer and, spoiler alert, is also an actual fake news website. If maybe you did a simple Google search on an article after you read it, you would know that too. Have a good day.

Hold up wait a minute

Before I go any further let’s point out what big dummy Monica regurgitated leftist reply is completely false like her personality. 1. Infowars is not ran by a conspiracy theorist. It’s ran by Alex the truth Jones who gets his information from his staff, fbi, cia, wiki leaks and many red blooded truthers that don’t give a damn about shoving a dagger down the globalist throats. 2. Beritbart is not a sympathizer for some Nazi. That shit is slander courtesy of the mainstream media. 3. Spoiler alert ha I don’t visit spoiler alert website. As you can see Monica suffers from Big Dummy Syndrome. What big dummy syndrome is someone who believes CNN, CBS and MSNBC and lack the intestinal fortitude to find the truth for themselves. Second definition someone who takes every news feed from Facebook to heart. Even when Facebook very own Zuckerberg is working with the left to go against free speech on the net. But let’s continue on the dialogue of exposing Monica the big dummy.

Me: OMG the left got you believing everything these days. Sounds like you’ve been watching too much CNN to me. 1 Beritbart is not a Nazi Sympathizer. The leftist derp derp are quite pissed at beritbart and info wars for kicking the main stream medias ass for delivering ‘real’ news, that led to Trumps landslide victory. Furthermore Beribart is one of the websites that exposed Hillary fuck face Clinton. Now Beritbart is going after Kellogg, as a matter of fact Kellogg spends its money on BLM ass lunch. On top of that, he’s some proof Drudge report and Info wars was hit by ddos attack made by the good ole U.S. government. Then info wars was hit with comunist chinese hack during the christmas holidays too, you big dummy! I don’t use google baby doll. Google is the catalyst for fake news…In addition they supported crook Hillarys campaign. More so Google is in it for censoring the net just like bitch boy Zuckerberg. Also Google believes in invading your privacy, schmitz admits himself. Or either you were too drunk or lack the brain power to comprehend when Google openly said they’ll be tracking folk,I can’t believe you didn’t know that. Alex Jones is far from conspiracy theorist. He gets his information from the cia, wiki leaks and typical people. As a matter of fact Alex dedicated 20 plus years of his life to bring the truth to people. And he exposed a lot of B.S. the Democrats and traitor politicians in this country. On top of that he got Donald Trump elected, when Alex was ranting betwixt warning people about George Soros funded voter fraud…The cat came out of the bag and voter fraud is being investigated. As matter of fact check George Mason Univeristy research on voter Fraud specifically what has been uncovered. If Info wars is slandered with the label fake news. Because they ‘took’ mainstream media audience by providing the truth Monica! Has it ever dawned on you why mainstream media is on the verge of collapse… Alex gets at least 25 million viewers plus a week…Look it up…Apparently you won’t. You have a good day too big dummy.

Chat Conversation End

So ends this blog on going off on another big dummy.



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