Making Room For BLMs Ideology?


If you’ve ever been to Charolettsville VA, you’ll notice the statue to of Robert E. Lee. Who ever if you plan on going there to see it you better get moving, because it will be removed.

Don’t get it twisted with me, I have no love for the Confederate Flag neither the Robert E. Lee after all, a lot of the Klansman did hail from the Confederacy. Back to what I am talking about.

What lead to this, was Donald Trump winning the election. I know right? Social Jackass Wankers are over the place, I get that. The city council residents made this derp-derp statement. When Donald Trump won the election, it proves that racism is alive and well in America. Therefore the city of Charolettsville needs to conform its history to the Black Lives Matter Ideology. Furthermore the city council voted on removing the statue Removing Robert E Lee Statue.

Then it gets better reader. Ya see there was a lot of unhappy people that are forced to live with taking away the history of town so they won’t be called ‘white nationalist’ or racist. They want to be politically correct and not offend the Bowel Lifting Movement jerk offs.

The source of this

Who’s leading the charge in no other than an indoctrinated Passionate Socialist Slut Professor at the University of Virginia. The professors name is Jalane Schmidt. Jalane Schmidt said the town should remove ‘all’ post Civil war memorabilia, despite the deep roots the Charolettsville has with that ugly era. The people who fought to destroy this country and oppress African Descent people. You can read Jalane’s irony for yourself Jalane Schmitz statement

In addition the left professor stresses that the town should reflect the current BLMs trend of revisionism in Charolettsville.


The Mayor Wes Bellamy aims at keeping the statue and statues in their places. Also Wes made factual statement that the monuments of the civil era is vital to history. He doesn’t want the town to be transform to segregation to over policing African Descent people in the community. Here’s a list of Wes’ recommendation

  • Encourage and support the teaching the history of slavery and impact of racism in African-American and Native American history classes for local public schools
  • Designate March 3 as “Liberation Day” or “Freedom Day” to commemorate when the Union Army marched into Charlottesville in 1865
  • Urge the city to participate in the Equal Justice Initiative’s Memorial to Peace and Justice by displaying a memorial marking the lynching of John Henry James to “confront the truth and terror of white supremacy in the Jim Crow era
  • Sponsor local history research by local institutions, such as the Jefferson School African American Heritage Center and Albemarle-Charlottesville Historical Society
  • Develop a strategic plan to “intentionally address issues of race and equity.”

Last October Wes put a lefty Professor on blast on social media. He stated the Black Lives Matter are a terrorist organization and they’re more vile than the Klan ever was. Also Wes went as far to organize a boycott a restaurant that’s owned by College Professor in Virginia.

Just when you start to like Wes

Unfortunately Wes fucks himself on social media, by using hateful comments against women and homosexuals.Wes being Wes

Well no ones perfect, but at lease Wes is fighting to keep the history of Charolettsville intact.

Final thoughts

History purpose it to make damn sure that past does not repeat itself. When you appease a man death and oppression will follow. This is what Lefty brain Jalane is trying to force by the town appeasing BLM. If that happens expect bad things to happen. From researching this situation boils down to, how mentally ill the people like Jalane, BLM and these lefty communist minded professors really are. And major Universities wonder why they’re not even considered credited University. BLM is a terrorist organization funded by George Soros. Apparently the folk in Charolettsville did not get the memo on that. Come to think of it, this BLM is doing exactly like these islamic assneck do when they come into western civilized country. Which is not integrating, demanding the country change fit what you want ect. BLM is doing this and their spokes person is Jalane the idiot. Look at her twitter page Jalane twitter. This is the type of  an lefty ass she is. And she’s the one that believes everything what the fake media tells her…If you’re reading Jalane go check out George Mason University research on voter fraud. Jalane is the type of ungrateful person in the U.S. This woman comes from a foreign country takes advantage of your capitalist system. To return the gratitude she becomes professor teaching bullshit and following that big dummy leftist politico crap that makes kids dumber than dirt. For the sake of history Charolettsville do not tear down your historical monuments for some big dummy terrorist group. In addition stop listening to professor that don’t have a clue what they’re talking about, pointing the finger at Jalane.



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