TFC_King Poseidon Overview.


Good evening everyone, doing something ‘new’ for the collector blog when it comes to combiners. Combiners are going to get a overview. What ‘overview’ means, when I have spent time with combine mode to taking team shots. To be specific I want I never get tired of testing QC all the way. After I put King P through gauntlet of poses and team shots. Let’s say TFC has earned my love.

Combine mode

When I had the first two figures I knew King P will be the one! As time went on and along came Mentarazor and Death Claw TFC is not fucking around with QC anymore. In addition is why he can hold many cool action poses.


Plus he one handsome photogenic combiner too.


All Combiner cannot hold this ‘about to run’ pose with ease like King Poseidon.

King Poseidon really amazes the hell out of me. I don’t see any weaknesses in posing him. Keep in mind the weight of the sword does not hinder him posing at all.  Some will say or wha-bulance about the paint chipping off. If shelf collectors take the time to look at him for two minutest they’ll see TFCs true intent is to have him look like he’s been a fight.

Photogenic aka Handsome

I took over 100 plus pictures of King Poseidon alone. The colors work well with one another. To get down to it his physique is something look at. He’s short, wide shoulders like a swimmer and one serious armor plated chest. Perfect symmetry of a short muscular man with long beefy arms.Also adding sfx effects to King P, really brings him to life. The icing on the cake is the light pipe work. TFC keep doing the light pipe for the eyes.





The Team

After transforming them and taking pictures of them. I will be honest, this is by far the best combiner team TFC has ‘ever’ made! I am not going to going to compare the Poseidon team to my GT devastator, that’s like comparing an apple to a grape. Different plastic aesthetic and different designers, to me that’s very big dummy like. However  I will say when it comes to handling them. QC wise I don’t have any worries when it comes to playing with them. But I do have to be mindful with Mentarazors’ stingers and Death Claws pincers. Besides pricking my fingers on the sharp edges on Menta and Death Claw, all the figures have tons of ratchets in them.

Appearance wise they look good together. Despite the different colors on their bodies they do give off a maniacal seal team 6 vibe though.



Each figure is an individual, like I said put them together you get this special forces feel to them. I did size comparison for myself, standing Big bite, Mentarazor and the rest of them to my MP sized figures. To my astonishment the four members are the same height MP side swipe and Iron Shell is tad shorter than MP prime. Difference between MP 10 Prime and Iron shell, Irons shell is more chiseled than prime.

overview rating

Not pussy footing with ya on this a solid 10/10 and well done TFC. Engineering a scramble city combiner is not easy. TFC goes the extra mile of allowing us collectors to do ‘fan mode’ to limb connection and turret mode. To us who over stand engineering, knows what TFC has done with Poseidon is not an easy feat to accomplish, being mindful to have stalwart QC.

Like I said in past review, this is the combiner to invest in you will not be sorry at all. Some people are on the fence about pulling the trigger on this set. Take a page out of my play book. 1. Value QC and Value appearance. 2. Articulation. These are my high standards of dropping 500 to 600 dollar investment on a combiner. Believe me you don’t want to get a combiner and spend more time troubleshooting issues than playing with the figure right? Take my review to heart, this is not my opinion I am sharing my experience with the King P set so far. And let me tell everything is all good. I can’t wait for Thousand kills and the new stuff for King P that comes with him.


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