Xtransbot_Eligos Review


Good evening, tonight I will review Eligos. I would’ve reviewed him sooner but I am still playing with King P. In addition Eligos had his own issues that needed to be addressed, more on that later. However let’s get on to the review. Before I forget special thanks to Dr.Killinger at GCI ToysGCI Toys, and thanks for the speedy shipment as always.


Starting off the bad first. I want to get all the bad out of the way to get to the good about Eligos.

QC issue(s)

Apparently good ole Eligos has some issues when I transformed him for the first time. I found out something was wrong with his ‘right’ leg.

On this metal tab here is a millimeter too small for to fit snug in the plastic catch on the ratcheted knee.

At first I thought the tiny piece of plastic was messed up. After investigating it that was not the case at all. It was definitely on a manufacturing error, as I explained on the caption.


The transformation was fun till I got to lowering the shoulders to slip the fist into the sockets. Honestly that completely killed the ‘fun’ out of it. It’s a real nail biter trying to fit the fist into the engines. Secondly tabbing things to clean up the transformation.

Could not get the teeth to lock in place. When I did finally then this happened.
Also a no go on getting the rest of the stuff tabbed in either.

Good part

Eligos is beautiful, one handsome sexy beast. My mold of him does has its flaws ‘but’ Eligos looks like he just walked off the 1986 transformer movie.


He poses like a champ. Furthermore his qc and articulation is right on the money.

Perfect 90 bend at the knees and elbows. And of course he can hold nice split too.

The die cast to ratchets are put in the right places, looks like Xtransbot ran with the success they had with Andras and put it in Eligos.

More so Eligos doesn’t suffer from the xtransbot holding weapon problem either. The tabs finally work on Eligos, he can hold his guns and about damn time xtransbot broke the curse.

Transformation tip

When you’re going to transform Eligos. First off stick with instructions with the feet and jump to transforming his upper body second. Trust me reader it will make the few hours in your life easier.

Have him look like this. next go back to the instructions.

Have the arms half way down.

You want this set up. However notice the fist are straight down like the instructions said right?

Next is the tricky part with the fist. I discovered I had to keep twisting the fist till the thumb got enough clearance ‘before’ a slipped them into the engines. Honestly Xtransbot should of done have the hands be folded end revealing a tab. The tab can click into a slot in the engines. Well that’s just a thought, other wise I take it as a victory that I found an alternative to fit the fist in thruster.


Rating I am going to give him 9.5 the transformation ‘horror’ part with the fist still is kind of a nail biter. But the rest of the transformation is pretty cool. I do not recommend him for first time collectors I recommend him for collectors who have been doing it for a long time. Specifically those collectors like me and others that are familiar with Xtransbot and challenging transformations.

Wrap up

Nicely detailed figure, truly a strong homage to Cyclonus but he has his imperfections that could’ve been avoided. However Eligos does have a lot of good on his side. He has heft to him because of the diecast, weapons fit into his hands securely and he comes with alternate eyes, metallic red or red light pipe. I got Eligos to complete the big three for my collection, which is Galvatron, Cyclonus and Andras. Two down and Galvatron to go.

Thanks for reading.


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