Pre-Ejeculation of the 9th District Court On Trumps Ban


Good afternoon and it looks the pre-ejaculating 9th district court denied Trump to appeal his executive order. To me this is nothing more than the establishment with help of the Klan Demon-crats and the radical social justice jackasses, to overthrow Trumps’ righteous agenda to save this country from the globalist.

This started with the robed James L. Robart, the communist turd that blocked the needed ban on 7 terrorist countries. In his delusional B.S. Robart says that the Ban is uncontstitutional. In reality the executive order Trump issued is Constitutional! As I recall the borders of this Country should be protected and people who want to come here and harm Americans should not be let in. I don’t care for muslims that hail from islamic radicalized countries. You can read about that in my previous blog Truth About Muslim Temporary Ban

I know want to dig into is this wha-bulance that the migraine Migrants and the left is being happy that they will have their jihadist welfare consumers in this country.

From doing research on this Migrants feel that it’s their ‘right’ to come to America Race to get to America

In reality these folk have no rights to come to this country! Why should I this country let in Women who refuse to work, and military aged men that have no job skills. All they want is to take advantage of the welfare this country needs to abolish! Tell ya the truth this is the one thing Trump should’ve done on day one.

What makes this so damn funny, the 9th court gets bitch slapped Restore the travel Ban

With legislation to restore the travel ban because the  9th district court jumped the gun with out properly following their own rules. The ban lifted for the moment are the same countries that have terrorist in it. Fact! Isis said in declassified CIA documents that they will bring down the U.S. from with in. Meaning Isis is sticking to the rapist Muhammad objective. Notice how these immigrants are going to cities like Boston, L.A., Seattle and many metro areas where the left dwell.

Their plan

The plan the demo-crat racist are trying to get a voter base, which they lost in the election. This is my guess on why the left want these unvetted assnecks in this country.


One thing that these protesters for the migraine immigrants is this…When you appease a man over your own countries well being, murder and oppression will follow. On top of that the derp-derp left always want to bring Jesus into the mix, saying oh we have to be like Jesus and love our brother the immigrants!

W.R.O.N.G First off I don’t love any ass clown that follows a cult that believes in beheading a none believer. I don’t show respect to anyone middle easterner that says they have a right to be here and they have not contributed one good thing to America. Also Jesus and God did and still do practicing vetting procedure.

Let’s start with God:

God didn’t let the Jews into the promise land till 40 years later.

God denied Moses to enter the promise land because he couldn’t follow one last simple rule God told him to do.

To go to heaven, guess what you have to live a good life and then you have to be judged to even get into heaven…Talk about a double vetting system

My point is this…America has the fucking right to turn down any person or people they see as a threat to this great nation. I side with Trump to make this country great again. If you don’t like it stand a side and book a plane ticket to North Korea..And let’s see if they let your ass in the country?


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