7 l luster Nations covered by the Executive Order


It’s apparent that the Klan minded left and the goddamn Communist News Network is making this into some lousy culture war and war of the mind. First off do not believe the hysteria/ liar news/ is saying at all. Their using this a propaganda to start beef once again. Here’s the fact on the BAN and how it effects the 7 islamic countries that the U.S. will not let in. For the record America is out of Syrian Refugee program till Syria is stabilizes. For those who don’t know what that mean. It means no refugees from war torn Syria will be allowed into the United States till all the terrorist are gone.

The order Trump signed, does point  a direct finger at the Syrian refugee program. Until Trump says it’s okay. What that means the Ban might be in play for a ‘very’ long term. So stop with derp-derp fakebook jokes, he’s actually following the Constitution to protect the people and even the dumb ass left who side with islamic extremist.


Currently fighting in Mosul and other places in the country. This is creating a blizzard of barbarian Terrorist fighters and refugees in that area.

What this means you don’t know who’s friend or foe. Therefore no one from Iraq gets in. Even an Iraqi Soldier says, he doesn’t like it but he understand that Trump has to protect his people and he even said he loves Donald Trump for doing it.


Constantly breaking their word funding terrorist groups and they have the nerve to get mad about the ban. Iranians are still taking American Hostages Iranian assnecks

Including U.S. citizen, I believe they’re kidnapping I wouldn’t put it pass men that wear diapers on their heads.

Iran is  a constant law breaker. On sunday they did another ballistic missile test.


The Central Government is no where close to controlling the country period! It’s the head Quarters of Isis ,Algeada is the strongest rebel army their, thanks to Rubio, Whoreson Obama, Hillary, McCain. The terrorist Group is still hunting down and killing so called moderate rebels ( there’s no such thing as a moderate rebel.) Syria has become the pond of  radical Islam in 5 years.

The thing is Assad has used chemical weapons to kill off the armed roaches in his country. And the left and liar main stream media want to call this man a war criminal, when Assad had to rely on some nasty shit to get these assholes off the planet. In Syria is a hot bed to make radical terrorist quick with hatred towards the west and terrorist group. This is why no Syrian will come to America. This is not about banning Muslims/ Arabs it’s about keeping the true followers of the evil Quran out of America.


Libya is the prized winner of the democratic party and establishment turning Libya into a terrorist play ground. Libya lack a functioning Central Government thanks to the Whoresons’ Barry Obamas past thugs of the CIA. It’s speculative that a Government of Accord has been installed. But now the Government is on the verge of Collapse. One General there is on the verge of getting into power. His name Kahlifa . Russian has been cozing up to him, it looks like that country will be Russians next client if Kahlifa isn’t killed in battle or assassinated.

The government has already chased out Islamist militia but Isis still reminds the thorn in the ass. They’ve been bombing Isis but it’s impossible to say they will drive isis off the planet anytime soon.


Has been fighting another shade of terrorist shit called Al-shabaab. Which means the ‘youth’ These youth are in America living in Minneapolis Minnesota, thanks to Bitch Made Barry Obama Jihads in Minneapolis

Al-Shabaab is linked to Isis and Algeada. These folk room the rural part of Somolia and have been killing and butchering Kenyans and their soldiers as well. Also they’re responsible for slaughters in Garissa University. Also these fools pull off the old islam conversion tactic.Routinely making victims prove their loyalty to islam to spare their lives. This is the same shit their bigot prophet Muhammad did in his day. But I am pretty sure he’s pissed that they’re African. After all Muhammad doesn’t like Africans period. As for the Government is more transparent than tracing paper also the most corrupt on the planet. This is what you get when you have church and state ran countries…You get shit holes. This is why Somalia is on the list. But how things are going there, it will be a permanent ban on Somalia.


The country  is split in half around the mid 2010s 1.5 million killed in their civil war.

President Omar Hassan is wanted for war crimes such as acts of Genocide. To be honest it’s three counts of Genocide he’s wanted for. Sudan has proven friendly terrain to terrorist betwixt gansters. Hammas has no trouble moving around freely in that country. In order for Sudan to get off the Ban..Some sort of stability has to be made and they can’t have ties to Terrorist. Yeah, it looks like Sudan will not get on the good side of the list for many years to come.


Aka the blood bath land. Saudi Arabia and Iran are fighting Proxy wars in Yemen. Over ten thousand casualties and the U.S. under the Obama administration have been providing weapons to Saudi Arabia. Also Saudi Arabia is blamed for Civilian deaths. Folks in Yemen despise America for arming Saudi Arabia and potential radicalized vibe is strong their…You can thank Obama and the establishment for that.

What I just gave to you is the ‘real’ truth on why these 7 countries are banned. To be honest 4 out of the 7 will be on the ban list for a ‘very’ long time.Or should I say forever, People don’t fully recover from this terrorist shit that’s going on.

Message to the Ungrateful left and the morons that are anti-Trump

You ungrateful piss ants should be grateful that Trump is getting America back on it’s feet again. At the same time keeping these terrorist out of America. All you leftist moronic survivors of illegal abortions listen up! Do you have any idea what it’s like living under Sharia Law? Do you want your mother or significant other have her privates mutilated or sold into sex slavery? Do you want some bearded bitch forcing you to pay a sharia tax for living among muslims? Do you want to live day by day in terror attacks? If the answer is no then why in the hell are you siding with stupid followers of radical islam that want to kill your men, rape your women and take your country away from you! You people and the derp derp main media are the champions of the ‘Big Dummy’ award and all time reigning assnecks for many years to come.


This is the actual truth on what the Ban is and why these countries are on the Ban list. In addition Trump is allowing time for ‘vetting’ procedures to be installed. He’s keeping this country safe from people that don’t like us or our Western Society. Most of all the radical shit stains can’t stand Christians and none believers. If you don’t believe me take my links and research it yourself.




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