TFC_DeathClaw Review


Good Evening everyone. All I got to say is completion! I should’ve done a review on Death Claw before I conducted the combine mode. Combine Mode for King P will have two parts, therefore I might as well get Death Claws review out of the way.

In my opinion Death Claws QC rivals Iron Shell QC, specifically the many ratchets packed in Death Claw is phenomenal. Once again all the alternate transformation for Death Claw is fun, also allows you to go fan mode too. I will start with QC and Articulation, Turret Mode and limb mode. However I did not use the foot for the turret mode because of the detail betwixt show where everything is suppose to be tabbed in.

QC and Articulation

As I said before through out my coverage of the Seacons, TFC has blown me away with their engineering. Also DeathClaw pulls some athletic poses for a figure for his size.

Perfect deep bend on the elbows.
Nice ratchet shoulder joints and get full 360 movement.
90 degree knee bend.
Limited leg movement forward because of Death Claws leg design.
Full bend back.
As for thigh swivels. Limited movement you don’t get the full 360 because of good design choice by TFC.


Best damn articulated figure next to Iron Shell. Now that I am on this subject, dare I say the set gets stronger with each release of the figures.


Color and detail

The color apps are uniformed and goes with Death Claw. However some of the pictures you can see some of the paint was worn off. Not snapping to judgement but I believe this might be TFCs intention? Here’s why doesn’t Death Claw look like a seasoned warrior, with his paint coming off?

The detail on Death Claw outstanding.

Even though his face not painted. The detail makes up for it in detail. I was going to count this against the figure but the camera doesn’t lie. The detail is very strong on his matte gray face.

Lobster mode.

The crazy lobster mode is in fact monstrous. TFC added some Lovecraft flavor for each figure. When I finally got him in his lobster mode, I said to myself ‘Damn this is a  freaking monster, this is not a lobster.’

Turret mode

Turret mode gives you more option to display Death Claw in.

My way: Using the legs as the triggers, you know keeping him creepy.
A good look at it from above.
Now the party is at the bottom of DeathClaw. I left the shoulder pads out and in. and keep the claws open.

Leg Mode

Nothing actually special here, the transformation is very close to turret mode. The only difference is you don’t have to extend him. Instead you have to collapse the waist, no need for the combiner elbow joint in this mode.

Final thoughts:

Okay I am very mind blown at TFC’s handy work with the set. Also I see they’re going to finish off strong with Thousand kills, I can’t wait to get my hands on. I am going to give it to you straight. This is going to be the combiner people will miss out on because of TFCs passed errors on combiners. Therefore keep in mind a lot of height freaks won’t even bother with this set because of King P doesn’t meet their precious scale standards. If you’ve been following my reviews on this set and taking my word for it. You are in for a real treat when you have all five members in hand. These figures are meant to be played with you got my seal of approval.

Death Claw I will give him a solid 10/10 out of ten his good overshadowed his unpainted face. I do recommend him to none shelf collector and collectors who are not scale Fascist. You’re really going to enjoy Death Claw and all of his brothers in arms.

If you want to get DeathClaw and the rest of the Seacons please contact GciToys

GCI toys has the best prices and meet your third party transformer fix. Tell the good Dr. Killinger what you need and he’ll do his best remedy your plastic craving. FYI: GCI will have upgrade kits for Iron Shell and weapons for the Seacon team. Thanks for reading and enjoy your evening.


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