Truth About Muslim Temporary Ban



Before I shed some fact about President Trumps righteous executive order of the temporary muslim ban. Let me tell you my factual position on islam.

Islam is no religion period! The left and deceived ones who practice satans biggest gag ever on the middle east don’t think so.  Number one: Islam is a dumb ideology that completely contradicts a functioning Civilization. Number two: Muhammad is not a prophet. Muhammad is sex slave guerilla pimp, rapist, murderer, slaver, lair and war monger. Furthermore he’s a pedophile too that married a 9 year old rich Catholic girl who sat there and enjoyed innocent Christians get their heads chopped off. Number 3: This false religion is blue print to destroy countries inside and out. All this immigrants the migraine migrants are doing, with help of the none elected EU is to spread terror to destroy western culture. In addition attack none believers and kill those who don’t participate or believe in their pansy false cult. This is the same thing crook Muhammad did when he got into Medina. He pretended to be humble at the same time did not integrate into the Christian way of of things. In turn he returned the gratitude by letting his thugs in and killing Christians, raping women or putting them into sex slavery. As for the men he killed them out right or let them die a slow death. This is actually in the history books and the islamic extremist are actually following the satanic Quran.

  No such thing as Moderate Muslim

The way I see it, either  you’re in or out! No inbetween because there’s no such thing a neutrality. When one of these deceived come up to me and ask do I like Muslims. I told him I don’t but I don’t have anything against Arabs at all. Muslim is not a person, it is a label that identifies someone who practices satans cult Islam.  Muslim asked me about how I feel about Trump laying the hammer down on shady Muslims. I told him the truth. The answer I gave him is the same answer I am going to jump into the ‘why’ Trump put that temporary ban on wha-bulancing Muslims.

Real Reason why Trump Banned Muslims from traveling into the U.S.

I will start with my answer first and go into great detail later. So keep reading so you can get all the facts.

My answer to the deceived: Trump put the ban on Muslims to buy time to set up screening for every Muslim coming from extreme islamic influenced states and countries who give the islamic brotherhood a reach around betwixt faking the funk and lying to westerners that they’re tolerant when they are not. Also Trump has banned some terrorist countries permanently for good reason.

His answer: That’s racist and you back a racist president.

My answer: No one person is not a racist. Racist means group or collective that discriminate against a color of a person or belief ect. One person that disrespects a race or culture is considered to be a bigot. Get it right buck-o. President Trumps move is not a racist move. But it’s a protector to protect people in this country even the ungrateful assnecks like yourself ( I pointed at him.)

His answer: How am I ungrateful

My answer: When you come here to this country you don’t like but you want to abuse the rights within it. In addition you don’t integrate into it, instead you want to destroy it. Do you despise ISIS and all those stupid named extremist groups? Do you separate yourself from radical islamic fag brotherhood? Are you pissed off that these barbarian assnecks go around killing Christians? Would you pick a weapon and cleave their head in if they did harm to another?

His answer: They are misguided and I will not go against other muslims.

My answer: Get the fuck out of my face. Conversation is over and this is why you’re ungrateful and have a terrible day.

Of course a yelling match happened. I asked him you wanna brawl about it, next he walks off.

Lengthy answer

In the previous paragraphs I mentioned getting into the bear bones of the why Trump did what he did. And here it is, let’s start with the past.

If you the reader have been following the ‘real’ news such ass drudge report or infowars. You know Hillary, McCain and Whoresone Barry Obama admitted they have been funding Syrias opposition for the past 20 plus years. However let’s go back even further, around when Egypt was forced to work with the islamic brotherhood, the cia betraying Suddam and the murder of  Kadafi. Those moves were made in favor for Algeda to flourish, rape, kill and take over those lands that did have christian and arabs living side by side. After that got started other extreme groups popped up hamas and other derp-derp groups with names I cannot pronounce and have no time to spell correctly.

These very groups are all over Europe masked as immigrants, invading Europe betwixt radicalizing the population. This is the strategic move out of the satanic quarn with aid of the globalist to destroy free thinking west. And force it into an authoritarian government that weakens the populace betwixt install their NWO derp derp government that has already failed.

How are they moving around freely?

Good news we have countries like the United States, Russia, Taiwan and others that embrace nationalism. In addition some countries like France, England and Italy who got their brexit with intentions of protecting their people from the jihadist knuckle draggers. What they all have in common is putting an end to radical islam and breaking from the E.U. That has betrayed them. How the terrorist bitch made boys are moving is through forged to bought visas, coutresy of the countries who are still apart of the NWO. For example Mexico, recently Mexico President Enrique Pena Neito. Pena got his thong in a bunch when Trump delivered no more illegal immigration will be tolerated in America. Which means that wall of his will be built. Trump laid a 20 percent import tax on Mexico because the Enrique lost his man hood to meet Trump face to face, to discuss the tax Mexico should pay to build the wall.

Yup I said Mexico should pay the tax and here’s why. Number one Mexico helps terrorist get into America. 2. Mexico’s traffic Drugs into America. 3. Illegal immigrants majority of them are felons that Mexico doesn’t want. And 4 Mexico has billions of bucks via money sent back to Mexico from illegal immigrants and cartel money they get from their ghetto drug empower for the insane.

Recently I discovered Mexico openly admitted that they aid illegals to get into America that come from lack luster countries. Also I mentioned they help terrorist too. I read an article before Whoresone Obama got out of office a flux of Simolian assnecks were about to get into America but was halted by Trump and ICE doing their job. The point I am getting at is this. Mexico is apart of the NWO and they benefited off of loser NAFTA for the past 25 years. Now the gravy train has come to an end because Trump pulled America out of the TPP, jobs from Mexico returning to the U.S. and Trump is allowing the border patrol and ICE to their jobs in stopping crooks from pouring into this country.

If you’re wise and thinking Enrique is panicking because Mexico will lose the money and you’re right. Mexico has no say so in any negation at all. The U.S. is swinging a huge 80 plus percent of trade with that country. Now America is out of the NWO and will be out of NAFTA Enrigue has to have a meeting with his bosses which is a Cartel that controls him. If you don’t believe me look it up yourself.

Key thing: Reason why the establishment, mainly the Demon-crats are against trump? The illegals are their voting numbers. Just discovered through George Mason University about 800,000 illegal voted. Don’t believe look it up. This is how the Klan Democrats get their votes by breaking federal law.

How is this a link to islamic extremist getting into America? And why muslims are crying about the ban.

The paint the big picture for you it boils down to this and actions that has been done before Trump got the presidency. Ya see Mexico is aiding terrorist groups and radical shit head muslims to get into America. As a matter of fact, the people who aid them say, we will help you get to America if you’re willing to make the journey. This is wide open for crooks that come from other South American countries as well. The goal of the NWO is to destroy America from within, kill prosperity and growth for people and literally turn America into third world country. The terrorist groups get in through Mexico, more so Alqedea has set up shop in Mexico as well. Recently righteous Mexican law enforcement busted up a camp on their land and ceased all weapons and propaganda. If you don’t believe that look it up.


An order that was made a week ago or sooner, can’t remember the exact time. This bill defunds U.S. from funding dumb ass terror groups. As result you see guys like Kahn get on CNN and saying, by Trump doing his job will increase more terrorist acts in America. This is how three faced these muslims are.  Who introduce this bill is no other than traitor to the democratic party Tulsi Gabbard. Democratic party I don’t trust neither I trust anyone who’s associated with the KLAN party. Tulsi might be another sleeper cell that just got activated to abolish the establishment who knows? Do I trust her? No I do not she might be doing what she’s doing to make run for the presidency and then betray America. Cruel to say but Whoreson Obama is a muslim and a democrat too, look what he did over eight years. That’s why I don’t trust Tulsi at all demon-crats have long history of back stabbing.

Tulsi met with Trump about bringing this bill to life and he delivered. Also Tulsi  went to Syria, to piss off the NWO. Get this the Syrian people were happy to see an American walking on their streets and asked her why America funded terrorist. Why Syria is getting blamed for 911? The answer to that is this. It’s the NWO aka declassified CIA document to destabilize middle east countries who live in peace with Christians. The big problem is Lindsey Graham, Mark Rubio and Mc Cain for funding these groups. Also all three and others who willingly participated need to be executed for war crimes against innocent people. And for the record there is no such thing as moderate rebels or moderate muslims period. All terrorist group work together to over throw Assad.

News to all you fucktarded feminist out there why don’t you aid Tulsi Gabbard? After all she’s fighting for real rights! She represents your pathetic race baiting left party too. Are you going to do the good deed and stand with her? Probably not.

Truth about Syria

Syria use to be ‘African’ I mean shaka zulu black till the second Jihad. In addition the past empire there was too nice to the radical ass hats in the first place and that’s why they lost the country and then the Muhammad ass hats call African Descents raisin heads. My point is this wipe out the terrorist and let the Syrian people decide their own fate. Let them rebuild their own country and make the E.U aka NWO foot the bill!

This is why Trump is standing firm for the temporary Ban on muslims getting into America till proper screening is installed to keep the jihadist bitches out. In addition don’t expect a mass number of muslims coming into America. Expect a very small number, I am talking no more than a few hundred in a span of 10 to 40 years and here’s why. According to the Constitution immigration should be kept in very low number. Also individuals that seek citizenship must be willing to get into the culture. Furthermore people must share the same faith as Christianity . And speak the English language. This keeps the country from being over run with folks that oppose our ways and laws. If the muslims don’t like it, then leave you will not be missed.

I am going to conclude this article with a video from info wars that talks about how these ungrateful muslims are mad because we’re not allowing military aged men into America. On a good note all this evil has come to an end. The enemy is losing and America will not be apart of the NWO the republic is restored and we still have more work to do. Enjoy the video pass it around to all people who want the truth.

Watch the truth for yourself Reason why I voted for Trump


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