TFC_King Poseidon Review part 1


Good evening everyone. I completed King Poseidon aka ‘the combiner TFC got right!’ Before I get started, let me give a thank you to Dr. Killinger at GCI Toys for getting DeathClaw to me so fast. I will post the website to GCIToys after the review. So let’s get to the review shall we?

Remember back when I reviewed Cyber Jaw and Big Bite? Specifically when I go on and on about, ‘this will be the combiner TFC will get right?

TFC has done it, finally a combiner that doesn’t suffer the traditional TFC ‘wobble’ at the hips. Also the TFC involuntary leg splits is a thing of the past. TFC has won my trust again and I will be looking forward to their next combiner.

QC and Articulation

Let’s talk about the outstanding quality about King P. He’s one stocky ratchet out combiner I own. He can hold a lot of poses effortlessly, that’s why this is part one of my review blog on the combine mode. Because I ran out of good sunshine taking pictures of him. More so the set is scramble city along with insane articulation is all over this figure.


Perfect bend.

A solid knee bend along with the melodic sound of knee ratchets.

 Double jointed at the knee.

Also take advantage of the connector joint to get a double jointed  bend. However due to the turtle foot in the back you have to maneuver it bit to get it.

Limited arm raising here.

Unfortunately the range of motion to allow to have his arms straight out is not possible. One Big bite: I have untab the chest piect to get King P to hold the right arm straight out. DeathClaw: No can do with him becasue of the shoulder pieces clash with the turtle foor behind the King P breast plate. Despite that, the figure makes up for it by having hardy joints and ratchets. Yup the arm strength on King P is top-notch.


Yup he’s in minor A split stance. Well I can do a split but I wanted to test the ball joints strength for him holding this deep A stance.

Predator made this for him.

I posed him like this, holding his mighty spear he bought at the Predator rummage sale. The spear  pegs well into his hand. Also all five fingers lock the spear in place, dare I say it’s overly secured. But having a combiner that has Kung Fu grip 10.0 is a good thing to me.

Paint applications

Cohesive, crisp, vibrant and uniformed. To be crystal clear that application for the individual figures meshes well when King P is in combine mode. Hats off to the colorist at TFC for pulling these color off to make them work with King P. Word I want to say, but I have to put in a sentence. The colors on King P are warm colors and cool colors are suppose to clash. Instead the colors compliment each other at the same time shows distinction between what figure is the leg or arm. I hope I made since, if I didn’t oh well I tried.


Pose ability

Okay pictures will be limited for this review because King P has more to offer when it comes to posing. In addition TFC pulls off an engineering feat with melee weapons the team have. You can go ‘fan mode’ on making your own weapon for King P and that’s what I really dig about this Seacon Set. You can really get versatile with the weapons and go scramble city to your hearts desire.



Here’s some picture of my handy work with the spear


The King is short, I believe he’s an inch shorter than oridon. Today everyone has a Nephlim complex for wanting colossal combiners even though they have parts forming or not so good QC. The biggest thing for me is QC. QC and appearance has to be in harmony with combiners. After all  I am a collector and I expect to get my moneys worth and then some, when I go in on a combiner set. TFC has exceeded what I wanted out of this set. TFC is going into the right direction with the new engineers they have and I hope they get better in their next combiner coming up.

Recommend him?

If you’re scale communist I certainly do not recommend him for you at all. Because scale leftist will be wha-bulancing for days about him being too short and all that nonsense.

If you want a solid, heavy combiner that has hardy joints and ratchets King P is the set to get. My overall rating of King P is 10/10, minor issues of articulation is over shadowed on the poses I got him in. Also the ratchets, I can’t stop talking about how bad ass they are. This is a combiner you can literally play with.

This is the end of the first blog review. Be sure to check out GciToys to get King Poseidon for yourself.  Take care and thanks for reading.




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