FuckTards/Social JusticeWankers/ SnowFlakeLeft Gone Wild/ Coons for Communism/ CoonsFor Islam



Good evening everyone and my goodness, a week cannot go by peacefully and sanely because of the FuckTards, SocialJusticeWankers, SnowFlakeLeftist gone wild and Coons for Communism and Islam, cannot go quietly into the bowels of abysmal defeat. Now it has come to my attention betwixt duty to alert you all of all on how stupid they are. In addition show you the left has dropped to a all time low of big dummy.

First I let’s start with the traitor female, leader and organizer of the womens March in Washington.

Linda Sarsour

Fascist DumbAss( FDA).

This ho is the organizer betwixt leader of the derp-derp womens March in Washington during Trumps big day. This confused Migrant Migraine Headache is apart of the Jihad against Western Civilization. She’s doing her part by brainwashing the FuckTarded Diaper staining Left with her bullshit falsehood on Shari Law. In her fantasy land she preaches on a dirty soap box,’ she dictates women to embrace Sharia Law and be liberated from oppression of western dogma.

This is how stupid the 3rd wave feminist shit cakes are including Linda FDA Sarsour. Sharia Law ‘completely’ disenfranchises women period. Sharia Law or actual womens rights? Pick one you cannot have both. In addition, if this dumb bitch actually had a functioning brain she would be advocating Arab women to stop their husbands from beating them. Linda had any back bone she would go to Germany and set the derp-derp German left straight, specifically siding with right in German to go after the rape happy Migrant with baseball bights to knives. Instead Linda just like her leftist turdlet friends want to keep on the big dummy leftist B.S. Embrace radical Islam and the Jihad rape crazed men are good people.NEWS flash Linda your false war mongering pedophile Prophet Muhammad was married to 9 year old catholic girl, kept sex slaves and beheaded innocent ‘Christians!’ And Linda the Fascist dumb ass is leading a womens movement?!? More so and women in this country call this Arabic trash one of their own?, the main ones who’s with this defiler of oxygen are celebrities. As a matter of fact Linda is breaking Federal Law for what her and her rotten cherry she bitches did in Washington in the first place. CIA if you’re reading you should pay Linda the FDA a visit then tear up her pass port and send her ass back to her back to her trash country of origin.

Linda is the Class 10 ignorance I don’t over stand. You get a Visa to come over here to the U.S. When you get here you hate it, refuse to get into the culture and push for Sharia Law when you know damn well it’s federal crime to have sharia law in America. And you get mad when you’re cult is ideology pathway of war and slavery. According the Jefferons’ amendment of separating church and state, Lindas retarded ass is committing a serious felony. If you don’t believe me look it up.

Next On the list is Idaho DNC Director

Sally Boynton (Feral SnowFlake)

Margaret Sanger reincarnation. But she’s just an ordinary Feral Libre-tard SnowFlake.

This typical dumb Bitch get’s up and says that she’s here to shut up white people. Then she says she’s not prejudice that she’s a democrat and she’s accepting. And she says that DNC should be training white people to shut-up if they’re white.

You getting pissed yet reader? If you are keep reading it gets worse. I promise I will decipher what this Klansman Whore child means.

Next she airs out the asshole under mouth some more when she ‘poops’ this out.

‘Black Lives Matter, and it makes me sad that we’re having this conversation. We cannot allow to ignore the prejudice in our country anymore. We cannot drown screaming voices, that are saying listen to me you don’t get it because you’re white. I am white I don’t get it .Sally ‘the Jackass’ Talking shit again.

The link above is a full article and her full word for word democratic lure to get African Descents back on the democratic plantation.

Break Down on Sally’s old Klansman words.

This  is what Sally is really saying reader. When she says telling white people to shut up, she’s pointing the finger at Trump supporters and true Liberals, which is Thomas Jefferson Liberalism aka the Renaissance eternal.

DNC should be training people to shut up white people. This can be taken as  pacifist aggression and it will not be wrong, if you’re thinking that. After all look what the real deplorable folk did when Hillary got her ass kicked in the election! Look what the democratic supporters did at Trumps Inauguration! In addition remember during the debate how the left, Bowel Movement Matters and Hillary supporters assaults people that verbally disagree with them? This is what Sally the he-haw is really saying one just has to read between her lines and sort her old fashion democratic bullshit double talk.

‘Black Lives Matter, and it makes me sad that we’re having this conversation. We cannot allow to ignore the prejudice in our country anymore. We cannot drown screaming voices, that are saying listen to me you don’t get it. I am white I don’t get it.

What this means Sally is following the DNC mandate to make being European Descent a bad thing, blaming European Descent for slavery, when in fact Africans, Jewish individuals and Arabs profited off of it long before Europe did. In addition make European Descent people feel self pity and ashamed for being who they are. This is nothing more than classic divide and conquer over the populace to push racial divide some more.

Trying to keep African Descents on the Democratic Plantation

When bad ass Trump won in a land slide, what tipped him over was the massive flux of African Descents and Mexicans put him over the edge to win ‘big!’ As I recall I do remember Whoreson Obama’s Husband Mike Obama ( transgender.) Pulling the foreman Slave lap dog move, telling blacks to vote democrat!

Klansman dick scabs like Sally love to play the victim betwixt I am sorry role to get African Descents to fall into the ‘trap.’ They promise you so many things to help you. What that help is, getting African Descents back on Government dependency programs and in Ghettos too. How this fits in with BLM, I like to call the Benedict Arnold maneuver. They get the Bowel Movement Matters to start shit in a city or town where the African Descents live. Next the media covers it, at the same time CNN, NBC and the rest of the bigot media paint the picture on how evil African Descents are. After that here comes to police that get blamed for brutality when they’re doing their job. When the truth finally surfaces from the propaganda and damage is done upon the community and African Descents get a nasty label on them. Then Democrats like Sally profit and get their spotlight on Communist News Network aka CNN.

African Descents have woken up finally and left the democratic plantation. But the democrats has got their slave bounty hunters back trying bring them back to the plantation by freaking force. In this case luring them with lies with help of the terrorist organizations like DNC, BLM, #j20 and many others that are funded by George Soros.

Madonna( Social Justice Wanker and FuckTard of the week!)

FuckTard of the Week and Social Justice Wanker. Madonna holds two titles and two dicks in her mouth at the same time amazing little self righteous bitch she is.

This bitches speech is so retarded, Madonna goes on to say how Trump is a bigot, disrespects women and all that false nonsense. Like all the derp-derp celebrities you see in this video link below are the ass clowns for the left. As I mentioned previously about Linda’s movement to brain wash the left to commit a federal crime to embrace sharia law. This is how stupid betwixt how far the left has gone Madonna the old bitch

This bitch has no idea what she’s talking about and has no clue who she really is. She’s a perfect example of a low self-esteem and that self hate that majority of the Germans have when it comes to Migraine Migrants for terrorist living in their country, and submitting to them.

Now it’s time to do your part while Trump and his Cabinet is fixing this country. You can ride on these assholes. What I mean by riding on them, is using your brain not force. Expose them on their twitter pages and blog the truth about them. Especially the three anti-women I ripped open. Ride on them some more, research them and air out their dirty laundry to the world, it’s time fight the narcissist with negative attention. To be clear Narcissism needs attention, the best way to make them go nuts is give them the attention that hurts them, In this case the truth with  a sprinkle of humiliation. What are you waiting for! Trump is making this country great again. Let’s do our part by going after these fucktards with intelligence in exposing them on the web, blowing up the twitter pages and fakebook pages. Sounds extreme you say, HA it isn’t they do the same thing to you and all you stand for all day every day. It’s time to fight back people let’s hurt them with out laying hands on them.



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