Social Justice JackAss: Georgia Rep John Lewis


The amazing crap that comes out of these bought politicians is amazing. The Champion of selling out John the pimp Lewis takes the cake. I have been watching this Motherfucker for the past few days. I wanted bust his old ass on a blog, but I held off to see how he would act when Trump extended the hand of friendship.

John Lewis called Trump a Russian spy and he rants saying that he’s not fit to be President. And worse he even says Trump will harm the ‘black’ community. Okay Trumps response to him was, Look let’s work together because I want to bring jobs back the African American Community, will you please stop.’

Talk about taking the highest road when when this piece of shit Lewis threw Trump under the bus. But no John Lewis the Jack Ass  keeps on going with his rhetoric. Then Trump goes on the offensive.


Rightfully so Trump fires back. However let me expose this fake ass John ‘the pimp’ Lewis for all of you.

John the pimp Lewis has been pimping out his own people for more than 16 plus years. More so he’s about representing the shadow government. He takes money from foundation like the Marget Sanger kind. To be very specific he takes money from Goldman sacs and other associates of George Soros. Also this motherfucker has done nothing more but be a  blight on the African Descent Community. He’s literally a freaking vampric wrinkled cyst that needs to be removed from Washington. Here’s his crimes against the African Descent Community in Atlanta.

Lewis’s district is the top murder capita Atlanta the city of murder

Atlanta’s first homicide of the new year New Year killing

These are two of many nasty things happening under Lewis the Pimps’ district. There’s so much more crime in Atlanta, that I don’t have the time to list them all on this blog. If you don’t believe just type in Atlanta high murder statistics. He’s like his Globalist brethren the democrats, sucking this country dry, wants your kids in prison or dead and he pisses on everything that will make this country great again. Men like Lewis is the worse of the worse, his corruption know no bounds and he’s a product of Marget Sangers agenda to kill of the African Descent male. To be clear on that statement, here’s what I mean. Marget the bitch preached to control the Blackman you have to get into the church and get the pastor to carry out the evil agenda. Also Lewis is an example of the racial slur ‘Coon’, get a spot light destroying his ethnicity at the same time this is how he kept his ass in Washington so long. Now he’s not only living up to a racial slur he’s living up to the  Benedict Arnold label too.

At Lewis

In my opinion John Lewis, you’re very old and very stupid. You stole Martin Luther Kings spotlight and tarnished it. Honestly Lewis should be the one banned from all African Descents historical places in this Country. Lewis is filthy and so are the civil rights folk that are marching against Trump. Lewis is  a slave masters foreman trying to keep African Descents on that derp-derp Democratic Plantation, and he’s a Republican too. News flash African Descents left that Plantation November 8th.

Ride on John Lewis’s crusty ass all day everyday. Attack his twitter page and expose his corruption and his crimes against his own people.



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