FuckTard of the Week: Joss Whedon

FuckTard of the Week Joss ‘Klansman’ Whedon


Good evening and happy MLK to all. Well do you remember me saying on my previous blog about countless fucktards? Yup they just keep popping up like pop corn these days. With out further more babble, let’s get into Joss’s crusty ass shall we lol.

Joss the fucktard looses his shred of common sense when he wishes Paul Ryan to get fucked by a Rhinos horn this week.

Whedon is long time Democratic supporter. For the blog I will call the Democratic party the KKK. So Whedon supports the klan, I will get into that later in the blog. He’s been spewing anti Trump rhetoric before the election. And so Joss the Klansman Whedon put together this lame video too.Anti Trump stupidity

The video features stars for that piss ant movie Avengers, I have no desire to see. Nicole Kidman says that we should all unite and support Trump. But when Joss the FuckTard Klansman heard this ,his He-pussy started cramping. This is when Joss loses his shit on Twitter.


Here’s some more tweets and how people responded back at Joss the FuckTard.


Joss the He-Bitch kept up his Klan support for a long time for Hillary the Satan Priestess Clinton. When the Republic got restored by a landslide victory for Trump, Joss demands that Trump cannot be allowed to serve one year of his term. And like all P.i.s.s minded hollywood celebrities along with Social Justice Wankers, compares Trump to Hitler. I am not making this up people, this none intelligent talent-less shit cake says this all the time.


As we all know majority of folk in the entertainment industry are about as smart as a dried up turd in the woods. Furthermore Celebrities make their money on fiction, unfortunately the collectives don’t clock out from their loser jobs, catch my drift. One it was Democrats and the establishment doing voter suppression. 2. Russian Hacking is about as real as Smurfs cooking up crack for the cookie monster. The hacking came from DHS trying to steal the election from Trump. But they manage to steal five states. In addition DHS got caught attempting to steal GA, WV, KY. 3. The investigation of Trump being  a Russian spy is bullshit. When it’s Hillary who got money from Russia years ago. 4. The protesting Joss the FuckTard is talking about is the George Soros funded rioters that plan to get violent on Trumps big day.

Democrats are the Clan and People who support them are Klansman.

As you read the blog thus far, I hope some of you made note on Joss’s actions is very similar to the Democrats aka the KKK. I see history repeating itself when it comes to Libre-Tards, FuckTards, leftist assnecks and the Democrats-which they’ll do harm to anyone who’s not down with the democrats and the establishment. My point is this, the lynching mentality Joss and the left display towards republicans and African Descents who don’t dwell on the democratic plantation. We say the Brittany Herring crew kidnap a mentally disabled man and torture him, that’s what the Democratic Klansman do. Joss bullying and slandering on the twitter, that’s what the Klansman do! You see the connection reader? If you don’t just you tube how Trump supporters are being attacked. You tube how peaceful Trump Rallies were attacked with DHS help, to staging attacks for the leftist fucktards.

The celebrity FuckTards like Joss and CNN paint this up to the public that it’s trendy and cool to be bigot. And calling Trump Hitler is the most stupidest thing I have ever heard. I will compare Trump  to Biblical awakening. One thing I have been noticing, how corruption is being exposed and Celebrities that attack him their careers are destroyed, along with fake mainstream news. Last I recall Mainstream news is becoming extinct, they’re only pulling about 100, 000 views  or less a week

Let me move on to Joss now.

Joss you’re the worse piece of bald head fat boy trash ever. Grown ass man wishing a Rhino to  stick a horn up Ryans’ ass? 5 year olds can do better than that. You have influence and yet you use it to appease you’re rice twat master by going against Democracy. This is the reason why No one respect you and no love for entertainers anymore.  We see how stupid, childish and ass hurt you guys get when you lose your sway over the masses for backing evil ass Clinton. Joss do me and all of us a favor, when you feel the itch to tweet something stupid again, stick your head in a couch cushion and give your sore ass a rest. Your existence is  a mistake because your father has wack pull out game…No more  talk about you.

Keep up the good fight people boycott hollywood and ride on FuckTards like Joss all day every day.




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