This video I am going to show are the social justice ass tards planning to disrupts the deploraball on the night of Trump Inauguration. I hash tagged titled this blog DiruptJ20 to let the fascist pigs know, I know about your derp-derp plot and passing this on to everyone.

The left

Okay this is reason number seven hundred and sixty six on why I can’t stand these Klansman left folk. They tell ya they’re for the people and they’re lying to you. They have nothing but contempt, hatred and loathing for all Americans. It’s shocking that these pussies live in this country and have the same rights as we do but they want to turn this country into a communist one. These people go into African Descent Neighborhood and stir up hysteria like the Ferguson incident. And listen to these stunt cock Luke Kuhn ( COON) Anti-Fascist  Coalition ( he really is one) Scott Green and Collin Dunn. What your about to watch is actual undercover  footage being reported. This shows how fucked in the head people like Luke Kuhn and klansman left are.


If you wanna do some damage to Scot Green, Luke the Kuhn and Collin Dunn. Waste no time and ride on them all the day and let the authorities in D.C. Know about their locations.


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