FuckTard of the Week: Rosie O’ Donnell


Good evening, I can’t have a FuckTard free weekend these days. But Rosie O’ Donnells’ fat ass takes the cake and I have to rip her and her no brain bed wetter celebrity friends a new one. In addition to pass word on how the Libre-tard left is attempting to stop Trumps Inauguration.

First let’s start of with soup sandwich Rosie. FuckTard Rosie is calling for Martial Law to delay Trumps’ Inauguration because of the’FALSE’ claim that he won with the help of Vladimir Putin. Completely fake shit and all of us with brains knows it’s fake but CNN Communist News Network, along with the traitor CIA and sell out homeland security, really believe the boogie man exist.

Here are the tweets of ole bag of puss.

This is the same Rosie who made of fun Trumps ten year old son after he won the election


Rosie is the queen of bag of shit isn’t she? When Trump answered back with an attorney and of course choice words, ole Rosie got yellow and apologized…She didn’t mean it. Get this according to Melanie Trump her son was bullied because of Rosie’s video berating a little boy. This is how pathetic celebrities are going after a fucking child because folks like Rosie are too damn pussy to have a real fight. I know Trump is nice guy and so is family. These Libre-Tard, FuckTard communist are half brain pit bulls. Trump go after them with the full might of your cabinet, because they will not stop. Let me finish this diss betwixt expose Rosie ‘the washed up’ O’ Donnell.

In December Rosie and  the FUCKTARD crew of WankstaWood finest spread some serious ant-Trump shit slash fake news. Here they are, Martin Sheen, Debra Messing, Richard Schiff and Bob Odenkirk led a short lived effort to sway electorals to not vote Trump in. As for that Hillary Clinton pledged electors went voted Trump in, talk about waking up at the last minute.

Rant time

As you know the left along with their celebrity communist sluts and presstitute assnecks have been trying to de-legitimize Donald Trump. This goes back to the failed ‘DHS’ hacks attempting to steal the election for Hillary. Which they got caught in Georgia, West Virginia and Kentucky. 2 weeks ago the pussy left federalized the election, I know it’s unconstitutional but why did they do it when the establishment demo-comunist are about to be out of office in  six days?

Here’s the answer, these pussies are really pushing for Martial Law. Martial Law is something Rosie can’t spell and not alone she has no intelligence to overstand it either. George Soros spent more money to bus in violent protestors to stop the inauguration and switch to Martial Law when things get out of hand. The plan is  to buy some more time for whoreson Obama and the Shadow communist NWO government to do some more hi-jacking on America. In clear terms force the one world oligarchy. At the same time destroy Trump. You have the traitor ‘civil’ rights march against Trump, a dumb ass feminist march against Trump and the bed wetting SJW Social Justice Wankstas will be in D.C. The Communist news network ( CNN) is going along with this too. The plan the pedophile globalist is trying to create hysteria so they can get what they want. What I find very shocking the National Guards General will be pulled from his command when the inauguration starts.

Trump has his own security along with some of the good guys in the CIA. These potential rioters for communism plan on destroying D.C. Blocking traffic and being violent to Trump supporters and all that.The plan is the communist bed wetters want to circle the white house and not let Trump in.

In addition Comey and his CIA cum gobblers are in  to assassinate or start a lame impeachment process when Trump is in. I have been following this for many days now, and the real hack was done by the communist Chinese because Obama and Hillary sold the country out. Even rapist Saudi Arabians brag about how they gave Hillary ‘satan’ Clintons’ war chest! As for people like Rosie O’ Donnell you and your friends need to be investigated, brought  to court and be on trail for federal crimes you have done, in regards to tampering with the electoral college process.

Message to Trump

I don’t know if Trump is going to read this. But I have to get this out of my system. If I was Donald Trump I would definitely hold a press conference a day after my inauguration and go after fake news CNN and the assholes traitors against you. Specifically point out the Chinese are the ones doing the hacking, Hillary took Foreign money and do an entire Rico act on all the traitors of America in Washington. As for the protestors, have open seasons for the new FBI and ATF to go after George Soros and his College libretard henchmen for acts of terrorism. Revoke George Soros’s citizenship, take all his money and send him to Russia for a needed ass whoop’n that will be done by Vladimir Putin himself. Trump make plans or hire a cabinet to do your wrath in going after these people. Personally I am sick of blogging about them, reading about them and not seeing nothing done to them because of their status. They really think they’re better than you and they really hate people like me who want to see the golden age of America to happen again.

To Rosie O’ Donnell

The best part of you dripped down the shaft of  a monkeys dick after he copulated with your three legged mother. Rosie your proof that condom should be mandate for FuckTards like you.


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