Pedophiles In DayCare



Good morning, I added a new category for the blog called Social Justice Jackass.

In this video a mom expresses her outrage that same Social Justice Fucktard made her son kiss a boy in day care. When Dominique Green confronted the indoctrinated piss ant. The woman had the guts to say, ‘ I don’t see nothing wrong with it.’

Boy forced to kiss another boy

Fortunately the pedophile was fired from the day care. Unfortunately the identity of this individual is unknown. But remember my passed blog against LGBT? Do you remember when I ‘specifically’ point out the ‘she knows’ video, the dumb ass LGBT123 is going after kids to push their fag agenda on them? This happened in Oklahoma. What I find shocking the care giver of Little Angels day care is not in jail with a pending case of being a pedophile. These left sided communist asshats will not stop. The only way to stop them is being vigilant on them. The thing is LGBT and the left believe they are being oppressed and bullied. In fact they are the ones being bullies and forcing their derp-derp ways on common sense minded folk. They bitch and complain when when they’re caught in the wrong.  Please it’s time to expose these people and get them behind bars as sex offenders. Let’s see if they want to play spin the bottle with the cell mate #Health Inspector.



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