TFC_Mentazor Review

tfc_mentarazor-025Good evening and welcome to my review on TFCs Mentarazor.

Four members down and two more to go. However DeathClaw will be coming soon and I can’t wait to have King Poseidon completed. Before go on and on lets get to the review.

As you know I always like to start off with the good and bad. I will begin with the bad to get it out of the way to the positive side about this figure. There’s a lot of good about Mentarazor.


The only bad thing I found with Menta is the  left leg. It was  a tad too stiff to move. So I cracked it open and re-adjusted the ratchets in it. However it’s still a tad stubborn, but for now I am going to let time be the judge of this. Such as keep transforming him in all his modes and hope the ratchets over come the stiffness. If not I will put some grease on it to cure that tiny-human error.


He does have three modes. Also Mentarazor gives you many fan mode options to display him in. More so I will go in order from Stingray mode, turret, both limb modes and last bot mode.


I dig this mode, Menta looks creepy hell all of his team mates look creepy anyway. But this one especially. The translucent plastic makes the mode give it definite pop to make him look striking.

Love how the Stingray mode is ‘clean’ everything is tabbed in. Also this mode is solid.
Be mindful of the sharp plastic stingers when you handle him, you can injury yourself mishandling them.


The tail tip here is attachable. It comes in a little plastic bag with six green screw covers. Hypothesis: If you remember viewing Thousand kills tentacles. I believe his tentacles will be identical to Mentarazors tail, specifically appearance, articulation and texture. I will see once I have Thousand kills in hand.

Gun Turret

Gun turret mode the instruction is not that clear on specifically how TFC wants you to display him. After going back through it again, I kind of get the picture on why TFC was kind of, eh well vague. You can go fan mode on this. The punch line folks, midway through the transformation you have to go by the instruction. Such as securing the feet, head, arms and all that. After that you can leave the wings up or down, arms tabbed on the sides or have them up, but it’s completely up to your taste.

I left the wings down and the feet hanging down. As for the arms I wanted them secure as you can see. So now he looks like a Galaga space up betwixt gun turret.

Arm mode

Arm mode is another display option. In addition both options I will show works!

Option 1: This is how the instructions suggest you can have Menta as an arm. Pay attention to the feet tabbed into the pegs on his robo booty. You get a full 90 degree bend at the elbow joint.


Option 2( Fan mode)

When you have the feet collapsed on the shins. And adjust the legs like so, you will get a double elbow bend instead of one.
Now you get this ‘dynamic’ double elbow bend here. If this option gives you an idea or helped make your mind up, cool! As for me I am going to keep him as a leg till I get all of them. Then I will do another piece for a display option blog.

Leg mode

Foot mode is stalwart, like I said in my previous review on Cyber Jaw when I put him leg mode for the first time. ‘TFC’ is going to get this right the leg is solid and durable to support weight. As for Menta, TFC astounds me once again with their engineering.

I didn’t tab the wings into the pegs on the flanks of the mighty leg I was too eager to take this shot to show off detail.
Warning! The instruction didn’t mention on extending the waist of Menta for leg mode. As a matter of fact the booklet guideline just jumps to the next picture showing the leg like so. To give ya heads up when going from arm mode to leg mode, keep the waist elongated so everything tabs in correctly.

Robot Mode

Robot mode is on the level of absolute eye candy like the previous modes I just covered.

Menta’s facial expression is similar to a dude that will give you attitude before he blows your head off.



Note: You can untab the wings and rotate them to the next port, to give Menta a seeker look.
The feet here have to be locked in.
If you want to take advantage of his articulation in his feet unlock the feet. You can manipulate the ball joints on the feet for posing purposes.

Final thoughts

My final thoughts on Menta is positive. Opinion wise hes the second best figure next to Iron Shell in this set so far. Fine attention to detail is here in Menta and the QC is top notch, even though I had to troubleshooting I don’t count that against TFC. Other impressive feats in Mentarazor is in the engineering, he’s solid on all three modes and you have a ‘fan mode’ option in some of the modes as well.

The paint apps are spot on, just enough to make Mentarazor eye catching in appearance. Light pipe in the eyes, is cohesive with translucent plastic on his body. TFC has made the translucent plastic work on the team so far.

I do recommend Mentarazor and the set to collectors that play with their figures from time to time. Trust me Mentarazor is built to last. Once you get him you won’t stop playing with him.

If you want pick Mentarazor up and go all in on TFC’s King P. Go to GCI TOYS

and see how the Good Dr. Killinger can help you in your collecting needs.

Thanks for reading and enjoy.


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