FuckTard of the Week! Meryl Streep


Man, oh man, oh man, damn FuckTards are popping up so much that I can’t keep track of them all. However to remedy that I made a blog category ‘FuckTard’ so I can have a section to cover the Piss folk.

Todays FuckTard of the week is Meryl Streep! This raggedy piece of dog shit exercise her opportunity to bash Donald Trump. What Meryl said word for word And here’s what she said. ”Hollywood is crawling with outsiders and foreigners. If we kicked them all out we’ll have no one to watch but football and Mixed Martial arts.’

Also Meryl the old hag says when Trump mocked the New York Times Reporter Serge Kovaleski, she was stunned, said and outraged. Trump uses his platform to incite violence, go after the press and hatred. Then the FuckTard Streep goes on to call upon the press to stand up to Donald Trump. Also she said the most lamest thing I have ever heard, turn your heart into art’. I am like  what kind of drugs your snort’n from the cartel!

To Meryl Streep and the fucktard left.

Listen up there’s something called ‘FREEDOM OF SPEECH’ you idiots. When you say something with the intent to slam some one. Expect them to say something back to counter you, that’s how it works. If you’re brain is to slow to over stand that, let me break it down to you Fisher Price style.

When I make a statement that you don’t know about, such islam is goddamn ideology that leads you to become child molesting war mongering diaper stain on the planet. You have that right to disagree. From their we can debate your lame idea to my fact, get mad and I will laugh in your face…Boom that’s freedom of speech. Unfortunately Meryl  the Penis scab like you won’t to play the authoritarian, like your whistle dick globalist asshat masters. When you slam someone and their response is truthful betwixt slamming your sorry ass, you want to play the victim and have free speech for yourself and not the other person! That’s so not how it works you uneducated cum for brains Thespian!

Meryl you could’ve used your platform to raise hell towards those 4 assholes that tortured that handicapped kid! Or you could’ve done the righteous thing and come out and speak against the globalist hollywood that sold the big 6 movie companies to the communist Chinese. Also you could’ve called out Obama for being a whoreson bigot towards European Descent people and expose is hatred towards America.

But no you didn’t want to be your own woman. Instead Meryl you jumped on board the FuckTard express like all the other pathetic actors. You live in a  fantasy land. Real people like me live in reality. It’s whoreson Obama and the Globalist that want nothing but ruin for this country, I will add they want the destruction of the middle class too. Fact, the middle class control your destiny Meryl’need a Psychiatrist Streep!  Who pays money to watch your old ass in movies? Your fans do, without your fans you got nothing. Yet you side with bullshit communist minded FuckTarded actors like yourself, dissing Donald Trump that wants prosperity for EVERYONE. With Prosperity the American Renaissance explodes all over the damn world. Wealth, that means people spending money to starting business and dare I say ‘Independent Film Studios’!  New ideas, better relations to all sovereign countries and ‘boom’ real peace for mankind.But no Ass necks like you, in Hollywood and New York want to call us stupid and deplorable. Globalist has really fucked New York and California so damn much, they got you eating out of the communist feeding bowl.

Meryl Streep the smartest thing you said is when you sat your ass down and closed your mouth. You’re poster child of Man having a weak pull out game, the penalty you came into this world. Go fuck yourself with dildo with razors on it Meryl.

Dana What Rides on your ass too Meryl

Even Dana White, like all of us has had it with these dumb ass hollywood shit heads talking out of their ass and embarrassing this Country. Dana says Meryl’s comments is a result of an uneducated person. Dana has fighters from all over the damn world! Men and Women and holding bouts in different countries. If you don’t believe me have a listen to what Mr. White says Dana uses his Freedom of Speech




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