DHS Preparing to Overthrow Trump




Jeh Johnson the tool for the Globalist. The face of a true Benedict Arnold.

Good evening people. I was about to go to work on Seasons of Pain 3 till I came across Obama’s new move. Yup these Globalist Coons are Sacrificing America for their pussy satanic NWO Project.

What does it mean?

DHS Jef ‘sambo’ Johnson has seized control over the elections to come. Obama and his DHS traitors, once again broke the constitution and broke the law, I know that. Reason why they did it is for the twat hurt Globalist. To break this down, I will go through this step by step before I post the video link.

  1. States will no longer really have a voice. No more good guys like Trump and Kennedy. Every state will have a federal snot rocket over seeing the votes. If a patriot gets more votes than a globalist lap dog democrat , the federalized pussies will switch the vote in favor of the asshat democrat. Example, when DHS stole 5 states for Hillary.
  2. Take away Sovereignty in America and force it into the NWO unchecked by Congress and Senate. The Globalist twat hole is still sore from Russia leaving the NWO. In addition the goddamn globalist is losing countries. From what I hear from other countries in the process of leaving. They’ve been threatened betwixt being forced to stay in the EU. If they leave a army will come after them ect. I highly doubt the countries that are leaving is laughing at them. These Countries do have their own armies and people ready to kick ass for their country.
  3. This is my summary of the video. They’re two of them on the good ole website. DHS messing up America

A lot of good things have happened along with bad as you read and watched previously. The fact of the matter is this. The Globalist are scared to death of Trump because he’s a patriot and doesn’t take shit from those swamp goblins. In addition the Globalist are even more terrified when the Russia and USA build a stronger relationship to knock the islam out of isis. More so There’s even talk amongst the Trump camp that the U.S will leave UN. I think it’s true but I have to look into it. For the love of God I really hope so. When Trump gets in all you libre-tards will see that communist China and Slave dealing Saudi Arabia are the real enemies here. Saudi Arabia is founding invasions in thirty different countries, using islamic migrants as cover to rape and destroy Europe.

Pass the video and this blog around get word out to your Governor or local paper about this in the dark DHS cowardly move to Sacrifice our country to some soft handed, paper pushing, child molesting bankers!

I hope you know these communist libre-tards ride on you all day everyday. It’s time ride on them like the last black Lexus on the planet.



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