CNN is Linked to Black Lives Matter: FuckTard of the Week Update!

Good evening and Thank God it’s Friday! However there’s so much FuckTarded personnel to cover I will be doing this, well possible every two to three days. I covered the new addition to the fucktard of the week aka shit stain Brittany Herring. Also I did mention in my previous Blog Chicago aka the windy racist city would do a piss poor job charging the four individuals with a hate crime on mental disabled person.

Apparently Sara ‘the man face’ Ganim thought video was funny Laughing Libre-tard. I know right? But do you expect professional journalism from the CNN fake news network?

A face a plastic surgeon would refuse to work on.

I know that shit is not funny at all. As fate will have it Sara you earned the award of FuckTard of the week, pat yourself on the back get drunk and hopefully you get kidnapped by Obamas friendly Islamic extremist tonight.

Cnn linked to BLM

The presstitutes of CNN is pushing, yet another racial divide in this country Pushing divide. In that video you here Symone Sanders, shows her true bigot colors saying the democratic party does not need white people. Then Symone says a hate crime is against someones ethnic background. Then what bothers the fuck out of me. She says what happened to the victim is not a hate crime? Now how fucking Libra-Tard is that! Symone you get the strong number two for Fuck Tard of the week. Also in the video the Police chief states, that this was not a hate crime that teens make stupid decisions.

When I watched and read about that. Then I started piecing this puzzle together.

‘Don Booze Hound Lemon doesn’t believe this is a hate crime Booze hounds statement

He really believes that the kids have bad up bringing and shouldn’t be charged like this. And a shocking discovery about Symone Sanders, she was a Democrat strategist and former secretary for Bernie ‘Dr. Wiley’ Sanders. Then ole Sanders himself says,’ this was not a hate crime, the suspects were motivated by Trumps hate. Motivated by Trumps hate? The lamest lie I have heard this year. Low and behold we have Phillip Holloway saying we don’t need hate crimes Another piece to the puzzle

So these coons for communism say ‘Jordan Hill, Tefysa Cooper, Brittany Herring and Tonisha Covington should not be charged with a hate crime for their racial motivated brutality on a person that is disabled? What gets me, these twat waffles boldly posted the video on facebook! So how come the dick scab Zuckerberg didn’t blow the whistle first! I know why Zuckerberg is too busy eating Merkles twat and jacking off communist Chinese, my bad he’s a busy guy pleasing his left masters.

Back to the game.

This is very similar to the pussy Islamic extremist doing this type of shit to piss on the laws in America. Furthermore this is identical to the satanic sharia law, the rapist extreme muslim hide behind betwixt saying they want the west under it.

BOOM! There you have it people Communist News Network (CNN) pushing sedition on an already fragile race relations in this country. I bet your asking yourself why I come with this conclusion. Bowel Lifting Movement works like Isis. No head quarters, now card membership, show your support by attacking white people and saying fuck Donald Trump. Islamic sissies say the same thing and give out orders on the net to kill Americans. Black Lives Matter in kind does the same thing. You tube Trump supporters getting attacked. You tube Europeans and European descents getting fucked with too. Also notice how the main stream media and law enforcement not saying these attacks are not racially motivated at first. Then we the people call them out on it, then some action or little action is taken to correct the wrong. Unfortunately the heinous act produced by the left stings on race relations.

However I have good news. America is not buying this bullshit CNN does. Neither the public puts up with Social Justice Wha-bulancers bullshit either. CNN is linked to BLM and still throwing a temper tantrum because America’s Republic is restored and the left pussies lost everything. The Democratic Party is Dead! CNN is dead, only 6 percent ratings, and CNN along with the rest of Main Stream Media will fall deeper into the Abyss.

In closing

Message to Black Lives Matter, Islamic extremist and to pussy anti-Trump folk. When Trump gets his cabinet in, You guys will get visits from men that wear black suits that don’t take shit from any body. To be clear ass clowns, you guys are ‘terrorist!’ I am sick reading about you fucktards, looking at you and fed up with your dumb ass actions that make you and the country look bad. Once your He-Bitch Obama is out of office, you better believe the full might of the law is coming after you all. If you’re smart BLM you better cut ties to your White Devil Pimp George Sors and use his money to get out of the Country. Black Lives Matter the only cure for you and the communist left is prison serving mandatory 45 to life and no parole.


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