FuckTard of The Week”Brittany Herring”

FuckTard of the week Brittany Herring


Good evening, and man there’s a lot of FuckTards to cover for the next month! I am not lying people. After the election the hate on Trump and supporters is getting out of hand. On the bright side, exposing these communist minded libre-tards is a good thing, on many levels.

These derp-derps have not thought about their images will be in background checks. And they’ll wonder why they will never get hired to pursue a career,to being denied for getting a great home in a ritzy neighborhood. Enough about that, lets ride on some leftist communist cum bags!

Brittany Herring and her band of common core taught diaper stains, is seen a video with a kidnapped trump supporter. Unfortunately it’s a small clip that we see a young man tied and gagged, and being tortured by the George Soros lip droppings.FuckTard in the video

The man in the video was tortured and forced to denounce Trump and force to say he hates ‘white people’. The Chicago cops say they have them in custody and conducting an investigation. However this was not covered by the presstitutes on CNN, neither this was covered by ‘any’ mainstream media fake news broadcast, aka ass gobblers for communism.

I don’t believe a full investigation will not be done because of two reasons. One. The Mayor of Chicago is an asshat, hates Trump and wants to make Chicago a safe haven cities for illegals. 2. No media coverage is on this and since the poor victim is a Trump supporter it will not surprise me he gets some fallacious charge that he started the incident.


I have always said ‘the left’ is the most racist, deplorable pieces of infected feces walking on two legs. More so Cities that are against American Nationalism are like poorly run insane asylums, for the derp-derps.  For the sake of honesty this is authentic racism conducted by the demo-communist minded Black People still living on the demo-communist plantation. This anti-Trump crap has gone way too far. Now this video would’ve made head lines on mainstream media if rolls were reversed. For example let’s say a Trump supporter beat up his attackers out of self defense and his friend recorded it. I bet you the presstitutes of the fake news would twist the story saying.’ Trump Supporter attacks Black People in the streets.’ This is what the nwo fake news is doing these days. Still lying, twisting the truth to appease their masters. Even though mainstream media is ‘dead’ these bastards still want to run fake news and not cover attacks like this. Brittany I will like to thank your raw stupidity on putting the video on you tube so all the world to see how,’ FuckTarded’ you and your friends really are. People like you Brittany is the reason why condoms will always be re stocked and natural selection will be held to a higher standard.

This type of racism betwixt coon’n for communism shows how fucked in the head the left is. The left has down graded to feral animals. I say we take them out by riding on them all day everyday. It actually works. That ole dumb ass Corbert Report on Comedy Central might get cancelled because of the in the toilet ratings, because of what he said about Julian and Alex ( see my old blog). Also George Ciccariello Maher might get fired from Drexl University is in some hot shit these days for calling for white genocide. To be clear on George he’s in hot shit from typing ‘ for Christmas he wants white Genocide’. I know people want to attack these communist folk, hell I don’t blame you at all. But do not do it, when you see these asshats do this fucktarded crap, let the freaking country and the world know about it. Ride on the left all day everyday, show them no mercy and ruin their lives by exposing them.


In closing Brittany I hope you get the same treatment in jail. Your momma should’ve squeezed not pushed. If you happen to be raised by a single parent. I applaud him or her leaving you, because the person knew what a miserable piece of shit you will become. Well like I always say the turd never is far from the horses ass.




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