U.S. Government attacks Matt Drudge


Good evening, up early in the a.m here to call a bitch a bitch. And the bitch is the Globalist and the traitor U.S. henchmen that work for them, better known as the shadow government CIA.

Drudge Report is in fact under the biggest DDOS attack since the past 20 Years. Matt Drudge is too kind to say he suspects them. I am going to say U.S. Government is doing this because Georoge Soros and Obama got their he pussies smashed in by Matt Drudge.

Pussy hurt Obama gets his twat hurt by Matt Drudge calling his actions Lame Duck Sanctions

George Soros gets his raggedy twat hurt by Drudge airing a video, Soros saying he worked with the Nazis on exterminating Jews when he was young in Germany. Here’s the video George admitting what he is a walking piss of Rhino shit George Soros Coon’n for the Nazis

And George Soros is more pissed off than Obama about the curtain is pulled back on their rotten Pussy agenda to fuck America and World over.

My 2 cents on why they’re doing this

First off the NWO has lost! To back this up, it all started when their plan to install night hag Hilary Clinton blew up in their faces, and got Trump in the right way. More so the alliance of Russia and America to crush the rape army Isis that Obama is head of. Also by Trumps election the globalist used their Hasbro made AI to see into the future that they’re defeated and NWO they built will be destroyed in a few years. For people who get this, you’re good. I have to break this down for people who don’t get it. It’s like the globalist pulls a lame terminator movie thing to thwart their fate from oblivion.

This is why Obama following his order to push for a war with Russia by kicking out their diplomats. This is a move to start a big war. Tell ya the truth, Russia retaliation will not be with missiles or that shit. I believe it will be a patients game. Putin may do woof ticket to Obama and get Obama lame ass to back down for the next 20 days, till Trump gets sworn in. Mark my words, Putin is no ones fool neither are the men that work with him. Also Trump doesn’t like Obama and Soros either. I strongly believe Obama will have something tragic happen to him, once he’s a year or two out of the spot light. When it happens no one is really going to care. My point is, when righteousness and revenge see eye to eye on a ‘real’ evil, nothing can stop it.

Now you have to look at the shit Globalist will do if the war thing doesn’t work. You got the flux of jihadist minded shit stains in America. Black lives matter and others funded by George Soros. What I am saying people keep your eyes open, be at the ready if these shits in your state try to pull something off alert the authorities. Also people keep the fire under George Soros’s wrinkled old ass. You can do this by educating yourself on him and passing on his videos, information and make note on how much of hypocrite he is. He calls Trump Hitler lol, when George himself worked with Nazis to kill the Jews so he can take their wealth and land lol.

You are the resistance keep the fire under evil 24/7 because evil has been doing this to you for eons, why not return the favor.



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