Tic-Toc Facebook and Google



Slewyn Dukes makes a valid point that fakebook ( facebook) and Googles’ monopoly on social media should be broken.Because Facebook and Google, hired pawns of globalist are the bastard children front runners of ‘fake news’. To be specific Google and FaceCrook are partisan ass hats that censor stories that contain real news. Therefore what Slewyn is saying it’s time to cut off the arms of falsebook and Googles death grip on altering real news, censoring it and blocking it too.

Ya see shitbook and google account for 75 percent of all referrals of news and big yawn entertainment news. Also LiarBook boost about 40 percent of the news stories and it’s time to cut off ZuckerBergs fragile arms on the news.The death of facebook cometh

Keep in mind adults get news from facebook.

My Two cents

I would love to see the Anti-trust bill pass in a land slide to break the globalist back and make that communist loving fucktard Zuckerberg cry. I would love to have ‘options’ of what Social Media I want to work with.


I bet you’re asking ‘,Imowen you have a facebook page why be a hypocrite?’

To answer that question, here’s the truth. I didn’t want a facebook page at all. In addition I didn’t want my books page on ShitBook either. I knew about the big monopoly fakebook obtained. When My Space bent over for the Zuckerberg tic tac cock and boom TrollBook got bigger. There’s no other social media platform that rivals fucktard book. So I was literally talked into making a dumb ass fakebook page for the sake of getting traffic for my book.

Tell ya the truth, Fakebook has not helped my book sales at all. Fakebook is crowded with fake authors and loser writers that think they got talent has flooded platform. Good Authors like me and many others are rare. Some of us agree that we hate fakebook lol. To get my book to stand out is impossible when you have high flux of crap books being pushed on fakebook.

I have taken advantage of it and won some mini battles on it. But that’s as far as it goes. I really want facebook and Google broke down so much that they become a memory over night.This monopoly bullshit has got to stop! Zuckerberg the false man will laugh and say monopoly is great and he’s ‘very’ wrong. Having a monopoly makes you stagnant, arrogant, fat and you lose your edge. Because you have no competition, with out competition you can’t struggle, without conflict you can’t grow. When the Anti-Trust bill comes up trust me Zuckerberg will pull all of his PHRs hair out ( Pubic Hair Replacement.) And Google will get overrun by its rivals. Glad to see and read some good news for a change.


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