TFC King Poseidon Update.

Good afternoon, and I have just ‘fan made’ King Poseidon spear. Well it all started last night when I was messing around with the  teams weapons. On  the packaging it shows King P holding a spectacular sword. So I decided to make it, well at least attempt to. As fate has it I don’t have all the weapons to make that magnificent melee weapon. Instead I made the spear.

Looks like King P hit up the Predator discount sale here.

I made this handsome spear. In my opinion King P should have a spear as his primary weapon of choice after all he’s the terror of the sea right?  More so TFC finally makes a combiner that all the weapons can be used.  Here’s another pic of the fan made spear.

I really dig the detail on this.

Arm Strength

As a spoiler here are some pictures displaying King Ps arm strength betwixt balancing act on one leg.

Outstanding! He’s holding the spear slightly behind his head.
No need to worry he has  a ‘nasty’ grip on this spear. Consider it Kung-fu grip 3,000


Got Gewalt holding King P up right. As you can see the stubborn ratchets and joints allows King P to hold his weapon straight out in front of his body.

Side pose.

And last but not least size comparison on how big this spear is compared to Gewalt below.


Well that’s it. That’s all that I have for now till I get Mentarazor. GCI Toys will is expecting the shipment any time now. However if you like what you see give me a like on here. And if you’re interested in the TFC King Poseidon Kit please visit GCI Toys. Thanks for reading and look out for my review on Mentarazor in a few days.


3 thoughts on “TFC King Poseidon Update.

  1. I made the sword from the three sets just based on the pics on the box as well. Even as a sword and with the sets I have, this sword is actually longer than MMC’s Feral Rex’s combined sword. I’m really looking forward to completing this combiner and I’m so glad TFC finally upped their game across the board on their combiners, especially with connectors and connector ports.

    P.S. You used the wrong form of “your” in your next to last sentence in this review. It should read, “And if you’re (or you are) interested…”


    1. Appreciate the heads up on the ‘you’re’ error I made. King Ps sword is going to be freaking huge. As matter of fact I will be doing King P vs Feral Rex one day. Tell ya the truth I wasn’t even going to consider this set because TFC’s history of ‘wobble baby wobble legs’ and weak hips that don’t support weight. I was actually talked into going in on the set. And I am glad I did. I should be getting Mentarazor this week along with my photo kit. I am all in for TFCs ‘car’ combiner too. The same engineers that’s doing King P is also doing the car combiner as well.


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