Gcreations Shuraking: Pose Down



Good evening and happy Holidays. Spent some time today posing Shuraking, I know , I know and I go on and on about how important it is to play with bigger combiners, to work out the kinks.

The bad

One thing I am just burned to a crisp about is the constant bitching about Shuraking wobble and people disappointed at this investment, to hearing Shuraking is just for the shelf. In reality he’s not and he’s not for the shelf collectors out and about.This ‘big’ freak you have to work with. However you have to invest some time, better yet anywhere from 45 minutes to hours, well that’s me if you’re a freak like I am.


During play time betwixt shooting  I found some ways to get Shuraking to pose right to hold dynamic to dramatic poses. First thing I do is pop the arms off and position the feet.

Second took advantage of the knee ratchets along with the connector ratchet as well. The key thing here folks ‘manipulation’. You have to manipulate the double knee ratchets and the ball sockets in the feet to get Shuraking to hold securely.

This will be a bit of a cat and mouse game when you figure out what pose you want him in. Have no fear the joints here are tough.

Next pop the arms back on. Another key point about reattaching the arms. They’re counter balance weight act you have to do, to keep Shuraking from tilting over. In addition sticking to his ‘strengths,’ which his holding the most imposing, ‘About to kill ya ass, poses. I don’t know what it is about Shuraking holding the dynamic poses, but it sure does fits his motif. At times I think he’s possessed or the combiner realized that all my attention was on him.

Photogenic as hell!

Shuraking is the most photogenic combiner so far in my collection. Maybe it’s bling that makes him ‘burt-ti-dul’? I have taken over 100 plus pictures of him combined doing other stuff, mainly going to make some sfx edits and mean comment cards featuring Shuraking.

Without further babble here’s slide of Shuraking holding poses. I Some of the poses are repeats. I got creative and took shots of him wearing his predator mask. And took picture with him unmasked to him holding some GCI MP_Cubes.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.



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