FuckTard of the Week: George Ciccariello-Maher


Good afternoon, Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas to all!

Today I am just going to get to the ‘new’ Fucktard of the week. George Ciccariello-Maher is a Professor at Drexel Univeristy. This bless Passionate Socialist Slut tweeted on twitter he’s wishing for a ‘White Genocide’ Christmas.George’s wish

As usual the leftist coward deleted the tweet. Luckily dumbass communist minded bastard forgot tweets are archived. Also this ‘coon’ for communism actually praises ‘white massacre’ in Mexico. This asshat is European Descent ‘below’ average beta male. And he wants all European descents killed as he chums up to the communist left.

What I find really shocking, but I shouldn’t be shocked because he’s a College Professor! Yup and this is where kids are getting brain washed with derp-derp communist bullshit. Drexel University says they don’t like this behavior from George but yet this asshat still has a  job with them teaching big dummy Global Studies and Politics. Whoa this is a smoking gun to all you parents that send your kids to these sixty plus thousand dollar a year communist filled private Colleges. Kids who believe this are destine to fail. Now that we have a President that will take America from Globalism and do away with Foreign Lobbying their Global Political studies degree won’t be worth used toilet paper.

However George really is a key board warrior by being Pro-Black lives Matter, Pro Communist cheer leader and he slams Donald Trumps ‘making’ America Great again. More so he’s full of anti-Jew hate speech as well. And George the Fucktard claims to be an expert on Venezuela, which is a failed communist country. Venezuelans cannot feed their children and majority of the parents have sold their kids Giving up kids. Plus rumor has it people in South America have resorted to cannibalism People becoming cannibals. And it’s hysterical FuckTard George is not helping his communist buddies out? Specifically not going to Venezuela to become communist dictator. Wait George is he bitch he doesn’t have the brains or back bone to survive five minutes in Venezuela.

To FuckTard George and people like you.

Listen up George and the people who love this man. You left sided cum stains are the most derp-derp P.I.S.S folk I have ever read about. George and people like you are nothing but parasites like the globalist. You use free speech but you don’t like when people call you out and expose you for the fucktard you really are. Trump is assembling his cabinet, which all of them have one thing in common. Men, real men that has stood against the global take over of this country. They’re doing this keep us free and sadly they’re doing this for you ungrateful twat waffle George lovers. What I despise about the left and you George, you’ll clap your hands for communist China. And you think you’re cool because you watch comedy central and repeat what those teleprompter dick scabs say. You contradict yourself, you’re a coward and you’re an embarrassment to your father too.

You’re a Professor and given the opportunity to teach young minds the evil of globalism and how it’s bad for every country. Nope not you George you want to coon for the  Globalist, I got one more thing to say to you Benedict Arnold. You’re mom should’ve squeezed instead of pushing your dumb ass into the world. If she’s dead, good for her that means she doesn’t have look at your anti masculine face ever again.




3 thoughts on “FuckTard of the Week: George Ciccariello-Maher

    1. Snot rockets like George Ciccariello-Maher is a control freak. Taking a dirty page from Charles Masnsons play book to be this communist Libre-tard on a white horse to lead none European descents into the blissful field of communism. As you can see he’s a coward retracting his tweets and all that. This is why parents shouldn’t send their kids to Colleges anymore, because the campuses is full of left communist bullshit.


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