FuckTard of the Week

Good evening this is the first ever FuckTard of the week. Now this Fuck Tard of the week goes to FuckTarded attention whore named Adam Shaleh, but you can call him sugar pants Shaleh. As you all know this waste of sperm was Jersey Shore fist pumping on a Delta air Plane and shouting in the awful language of Arabic. As you know the people on the Delta Plane was not having that shit. As nature will have it he gets kicked off the plane for good reason. But Adam the Fuck Tard is  a prankster and he makes his money on you tube doing these type of pranks. Also the media is still running the retarded Islamophobia narrative aka fake news.

Break down

Delta employees on the plane along with witnesses say Adam the spent condom was being aggressive and speaking like an authentic hair hat hood rat.However  ‘speaking’ little Arabic.Furthermore the passenger also complained about him throwing fits and disturbing others around, this is the real reason why he was kicked off the plane.

Ya see people this Fucktard has a history of doing pranks, ironically dealing with being on board air planes.asshat

In addition this stunt cock smuggled himself on a Air Plane too Fucktard smuggles himself on a Air Plane

This is an incident he denied, as you know attention whores like this fucktard have no functioning brain. When you record something and put it on you tube, you can’t deny it because it’s forever on the net.

The problem and Solution


The big problem here is this fucktard is provoking physical harm to be done to him. One day an Air Marshal will reply to his prank with a bullet in his face. Aside from what I want to see happen to Fucktarded Adam, the attention whore. You see Adam is also causing hatred towards innocent Arabs as well, at the same time fanning the stench of CNN fake news. Adam sees this as fun and games. I can’t forget Adam is tipping off extremist by exploiting airline security. Having strict searches on people from the west and very little on Arabs, because Air lines don’t want to be called racist.


Solution to Adam bullet bait. You can petition to have his channel removed form you tube. Or flood his email and response section of ill will towards him that he snaps mentally. Or you can pass on his image to every airline security around the west, and hash tag it don’t let this guy on the plane. If Adam had any common sense he would be doing videos on telling the truth about violent Islam or Pranking Islamic Extremist. Nah what am I saying he is not that bright to begin with.

Adam you are by far the anti comedic Fuck Tard I have ever laid eyes on. One day you’re gonna get beat the fuck up by a passenger who doesn’t fuck around and we’ll see who will be laughing then. Another thing Adam your mother should’ve squeezed when you were crowning in her rancid twat.


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