Chinese Communist Fags

Communist China,

You bitches are the most ‘teenage’ girl attacking bunch of slack jawed fags I have ever seen. You think you got power, but in reality no one is going to take you seriously because you’re being used by the globalist to their bidding. You bought up Hollywood lame studios, but get this no one is really paying attention to movies these days. You just lucked out on that.

Also you steal an unmanned Submarine and now you’re attacking InfoWars with your mean girl computer hacking. Yup it’s been traced back to your communist asses. You met with Benedict Arnold Zuckerberg about 15 times to bring in censorship on the web to so called ban news that ‘tells the truth’. And you little girls call it banning the Alt-Right. In reality, all you’re doing ‘worm’ dragons is provoking an already pissed of Giant in America. Do you really believe that anyone in this country is going to be dictated too by a bunch mass murder asshats like you in this country? The answer will be ‘no’. Do you really think that ‘we the people’ is going to comply with a bunch of communist that fucks over their people and routinely break deals on a regular basis. What I mean by breaking deals, you got a paper army of 2 million, you were not suppose to have when the pussy elite brought you to power. And you go after infowars stores and website to make some threat to get Alex Jones to stop. Guest what turds, you failed to scare Alex. He’s already spreading word about your asses already and so are other people around the world. I only respect the people of China who hate you and the people from China who got away from you. But I look down on a bully ass communist China that’s ran by generals that act like teenagers when they don’t get their way.

You’re pissed off because your gravy train of draining America dry has ended. Your pissed off that all the jobs are leaving your polluted country and coming back to America. And you’re really pissed off about people knowing that you cum stains are leading the world of murdering your own people. Communist China is number one for butchering their people and selling their organs on demand to others that need them. I read about how you communist China legalized organ harvesting on people that don’t like communist government.

This is an attack on American Freedom and Free Speech. I will be closing my account on loser Facebook as soon as traitor ZuckerBerg rolls out his pussy friend soros funded filters to alter real news being posted on fakebook loser plat form. I am going to fight this because no goddman libre-tard and no pussy communist is going to dictate to me anything.

Proof on Chinese Censorship is on the way



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