Cia pushing fwd to Ban Free Speech.


Good evening,

Looks like the derp-derp communist sluts will not stay dead. I am talking about once again Fake News. I have done two blogs on this already, but these asshats just keep pushing to demonize Trumps Election.

Break Down

Recently Brian the liar Williams has been kicked off the air for six months with out pay for lying about he was in chopper taking fire. However what’s going on now Dumb ass Hillary  Satan child Hillary is saying ‘she lost the election because of fake news, pushed by the Russians’. I am not lying people, you can look this up for yourself and have one helluva laugh.

Back to the topic, They’re pushing this fake news agenda to ban free speech and freedom of the press. To be specific honest news big and small informing the public and world wide the heinous act the communist left pushing for America to lose its freedom. Now we have Congress openly admitting, the CIA is pushing to ban free speech. Cia Banning Free Speech and honest news

Follow the money

Ya see Cnn, MSNBC and others get tax payer money and Government kick backs to ‘run’ FAKE NEWS. Anything that’s not state Centralized communist news is immediately attacked. First you’re called a racist, Islamophobia or crazy for pointing out the truth and using supporting evidence of corruption to why you dislike foreign refugee invaders raping, killing and exploiting the welfare system-in a country. Now the money is being forked over back to the failed betwixt dead former mainstream media to keep spreading more propaganda and fake news on honest news broadcasting to Wiki Leaks, bring us cold hard truth on exposing the evil plans of the Globalist that got fucked up.

Presstitute of the week

This little Stunt Cock got on television and said, Alex Jones and Julian Assange to grow the fuck up! And the dumb-done audience applauded. I got news for Stephen ‘funny looking’ Colbert, you shut the fuck up Beta male. Alex Jones is trooper, Julian is gutsy tough son of a bitch, you’re not even worthy to wash their dirty underwear.

Alex doesn’t read from a teleprompter. Alex lives off of sponsors, you Stephen live off of Banker money and you’re not your own man. Hell you’re not even a artist. A true comedian goes against the grain. And doesn’t go along with establishment. If you’re reading this Stephen, real talk buck-o. Your dad should’ve pulled out, enough talking about you he bitch.

How the CIA got the go ahead.

NDAA Legalized Propaganda to be used against the public. What this means, this was a under the table pass in the house and the goddamn swamp goblins okay-d this shit. Also this means a bunch cia like agencies will participate in delivering state run fake news to the public in the near future at the same time going after real news websites and broadcasting. To learn more about this ‘bing’ or duck, duck go this ‘ HR5736’. This is serious pussy ass authoritarianism betwixt treason. CIA is rogue agency aka globalist henchmen that needs to destroyed. You see purple dress wearing Hillary Clinton personally went after Alex Jones by saying congress and your paid off media to go after real news folk like Alex Jones. And now they want foreign pussy propaganda to mess with America people. What this means the globalist just told on it’s self by doing that.


You know Brexit swept all over Europe and England has be threatened by the EUs paper army. They don’t care England voted out the European Union, they openly admitted that they’ll use military force to stop them.

You can’s stop people wanting their freedom and the Globalist will lose because their fucking stupid and arrogant. By  showing your poker hand to players, hasn’t occurred to them that England and other countries may in fact banned together to take down the paper Globalist army?

I am going to end this Blog by saying the fight has just begun, don’t comply to the left, anyone you know is marxist minded don’t talk to and righteousness is on your side. You see these assnecks what to establish a paper pushing corporate government that destroys humanity itself. Be the dawn of hope on Globalist and the communist left. The tyrants are scared because world wide we are together to remain free from tyranny control from inbred assnecks.


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