Update: Fake News and the Presstitutes



I am back again to share with you more fake news in addition I will provide you with a Master List of the Presstitutes also another update list of the fake news you should avoid.

Why am I covering this again?

I am covering this again to set the record straight about fake news. One person says CBS is state news in their country, but I begged to differ and dropped hard fact that CBS, ‘all you see is B.S.’, news is faker than Madonna’s personality. Let’s tear up some mainstream media va-jay-jay shall we?

Mainstream has the ‘balls’ to tell people what fake news is. In addition they feel it’s their right to tell you how to think, what to do and they dictate to you what right and wrong is.

The primary source of fake news is your everyday former mainstream media outlet you see on derp-derp television. It’s ‘damn’ true mainstream media is the number cause of violence, hysteria, race baiting and so many negative things I can’t list them all in this blog.

Fight back

However before I really get in to this here’s a link to sign a petition to save independent ‘real’ news Defend independent media

Fake News

As I said before in my last blog covering B.S. CBS, mainstream media is the real fake news. Weapons of Mass destruction fake news conjured up out of their gaping assholes, to get people to believe Saddam had a plethora of weapons in Iraq Weapons of Mass Destruction

In addition the Bullshit about 9/11 that Iraq involvement in terrorist attack was completely made up 9/11 fantasy aka fake ass call of duty

The media whipped up the country into a frenzy for nothing. All that was won was thousands of troops dead, Iraq disestablished and wounds in that country that will never heal.


Fake News made a false statement rebels in Syria were moderates and had no interest at all and should be supported. In reality these same rebels destroyed Libya and Syria. Moderate Rebels

George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin

Fake news used the race card that led to Trayvons death. In addition fake news provided false sound bites, by maliciously editing the recordings to tip off racial tensions in America. This incident was like an explosion nation wide, as I said before race tensions increased along with unnecessary judging law enforcement as racist. The fake news is to blame. CNN, CNN better known as Clinton News Network ran a big dummy narrative of ‘hands up don’t shoot’, is proven to be fraudulent as well.Hands up don’t shoot

When that was done the riots were in full swing. Riots in Ferguson that paved the way for George Soros bastard child Black Lives Matter. And as always the fake news mainstream media makes it foundation on lies. Ferguson riot-Ferguson riot


Fake news painted a picture that an numerable of amount of people are being raped on College campuses. Yup that was proven wrong too rape hoax. This ruined ‘so’ many lives when this happened. Also the made up state of one out of every five females will be raped on campus 1 out of 5 lie

2003 Brian Williams was faced with enemy fire inside of helicopter covering a story. Turns out that story was about as real as Obama masculinity Lair Brain. The soldiers in Iraq tell a completely different story. Let’s say Brian fantasy got shut down faster than you can say stop.

My man Donald J. Trump

The fake news says that Donald Trump is the next Hitler. From saying that a lot of Trump Supporters got attacked, property destroyed and the anti-Trump hysteria spread across the country. Anti-Trump B.s.

Keep in mind this was the cause of Trump supporters to events getting attacked during the entire campaign cycle.

I can’t leave out the liar polls of former main stream media posting false numbers on Trump during the campaign

Huffington loved licking Hillary’s rotten cherry.

This lie of Trump had no chance at all becoming President was so false it made me laugh when I saw how big Trumps turn outs were for his events. His events set record high attendance every where ranging from 12,000 to 30,000 people.

The reason why former mainstream media is pushing for ban on independent media

When Election day happened Huffington and the rest of false ass necks assured Hillary she was going to win, despite of the ‘real’ numbers showing Trump was going to crush her in a land slide. Then she lost as you know the ‘wha-bulancing of the Mainstream media flooded the air waves and internet. The young ‘turds’ had melt down along with CNN and Madow too. This is the number one reason why derp-derp mainstream media is pushing for this ban on real news and people like me. Because we report or blog about the truth, since the dumb ass left social cum stains and presstitutes can’t do it. In addition the ban on independent news is also backed up by the establishment aka NWO. The pussy fake news have to have that whistle goblin cock placed firmly in their butt holes, so they can have courage to face us the truthful folk.

Updated list of fake news.

As promised the updated list of fake news. However in my last blog I gave ratings lol. Kidding aside, this list is very large and I am sure it will get bigger because the establishment goblin has his cock in his hand. And the goblin establishment is making his bastard children ‘fake news’ suck his unclean none circumcised two inch lady killer.



Presstitute list

I made this picture larger so you can see all the names. Be sure to give them the utmost hell.

The problem in America slash world wide is the fake mainstream news. In America these ass hats are claiming Russia is behind the fake news. I know right? It’s funny and Putin finds it laughable too. To be serious this the same thing that happened in the 60s called ‘Mocking Bird’. What Mocking Bird is, the censorship of independent news that exposes corruption to spreading truth. What happens in Mocking Bird broadcasts gets black listed, journalist rounded up or killed. The best way to fight back is sign the petition I posted on this blog and keep the truthful information flowing like water.Don’t let these diaper stains take your freedom.






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