UPDATE! Maria LadenBurger Muderer is Huessin Khavari

Good news and bad news. First the bad news one of Maria’s  friends or associate found Maria’s killer on Facebook. This is what the do-do stain looks like.

I included his what his facebook page looks like, his full name and what he looks like. What a pretty He-Bitch

Yeah another Afghan diaper stain rapes again. Get this the person who sent this to info wars got her facebook destroyed and dismissed as hate speech. Actually she said nothing hateful at all. All she said is his eyes looks lifeless. Looking at this guy he looks like his name should be ‘sugar’ Khavari and I hope he gets passed around like weed in the German jail he’s in.

However if you look at the picture of the lame were wolf holding the woman, this is what set off bells in the womans’ head and she immediately made this public.

Benedict Arnold Facebook.

The country is already in a ‘uproar’ about this crime, on top of that finally the German people are pissed off about these useless refugees getting away with rape and people getting slapped in the face with hate speech, when they want justice and the sodomite islamic extremist out their country.

It gets worse Facebook is working with the leftist German government to censor criticism on the none compliant migrants, under the gulse of preventing hate speech. Just last year ex-stasi is working with leftist German Government and traitor facebook to make some derp-derp program to identify xenophobia.


Definition of Xenophobia is a fear of strangers. But now the definition emphasis on foreigners. Don’t buy into this, they want you to think that fear is a stand alone cause of averse behavior. Fact fear is nothing more than attachment to the source of what a soul fears. Furthermore when people don’t like migrants raping women, living off of welfare and segregating themselves from the Country their in. The people don’t fear them they don’t like them, hate them and can’t stand the sight of them. As you can see the German people are not scared of terrorist minded migrants. They really want these migrants out of their country. In my opinion Germany is powder keg ready to blow up. Germany’s fear is losing their country to dead beat terrorist that Merkle let right in with no background checks. German people get your cameras to smart phones and start live streaming how ignorant and evil those terrorist in your country really are.

More leftist bullshit

European Union is now demanding Benedict Arnold Facebook, twitter and you tube to censor hate speech. In addition they want to make hate speech illegal and fake news too.

What gets me is this, who in the hell do these globalist lock jawed cum gobblers think they are? Making demands that will not fly in America, because we have free speech and a plethora of many social media outlets at our disposal. Now is the time to get vigilant people the gloves are off and the ref just left the ring. Now it’s time to fight dirty.

Good news

Glad Khavari identity is viral. Spread this blog to all your friends. Also here are some links to research all the ill the terrorist minded islamic-tards have caused in Germany.

Migrants are the problem

The link the below shows is Stasi. She claims not to be racist but this bitch was a spy working with the former KGB. She’s nothing more that a goddamn tool for the left. And he code name when she was whore communist was Victoria.

Ex-Stasi hired

The last link is article of the traitor EU trying to do censorship world wide by masking it as hate speech.

EU Wha-bulancing


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