CBS is the fake news ‘not’ inforwars


Once again the P.I.S.S folk will not go away. For those who don’t know what PISS is, Piss is this. Passionate Indoctrinated Socialist Sluts better known as PISS. Today fake news CBS is black listing infowars and many others like infowars.


Here’s why Alex Jones, Drudge Report, Breitbart and many others did a ‘honest’ news during the election( Still does.). In addition from these news sources I trust revealed many of the evil in Washington. Most recent they warned everyone on  about voter fraud to Clintons’ attempt to steal the election. Wikileaks exposed Hillary demon Clinton as a traitor/ Satanic Priestess and now affiliated in a Pedophile Ring.

All this truth that has coming out has helped Trump win the election because info wars to Drudge Report, report ‘honesty’ and does not perpetuate b.s. propaganda false hoods.The left former mainstream news is Va-jay-jay hurt because their ratings are under 100,000 a week. And they want to get rid truthful news net works so they can get back being on top again..I know it sounds like an 8 year old throwing a bitch fit in walmart right lol.

However ‘fake’ news sites actually tell you upfront that they’re satire news ect, nothing more than derp-derp click bait. Since Killery Clinton lost the election the lefts’ ass is really sore and they want all truth of the air. In my opinion betwixt fact. Info wars, Breitbart should view this as honor and laugh out loud. People are going to check these websites out to see if Alex jones is fake, racist or a loon. When they find the truth that he’s a red blooded truthful man then People will hate mainstream media passionately and his audience will triple.

Saved the best for last, the world is tuning into the truth and the corruption NWO has spread across the globe everyone has taken action against the shadow government and the people are awake betwixt getting their countries back.

Fake ass CBS

Back in 2004 it was CBS that tried to make George Bush look like hero by showing false documents he served in the Air National Guard. By covering this false story it made Dan the man Rather resign from being a News Anchor

CBS delivered a false story that Saddam had biological weapon labs.The false lab storyThe false lab story

The fake news websites have been debunked.This was created by the lame brain Social Justice warrior-tards who are completely political biased Liar but hurt left

Second list created by some lame wanna be shadow group. That held Hillary close to their teats. And they wanted to spread the big dummy story that Russia was behind the fake news. See this is why the public hates the fallen Mainstream media aka Presstitutes.Poor Journalism

In conclusion

CBS you are the fake news. All these years your terrible child like journalism led people down the wrong paths. You take orders from your NWO leaders and followed Killery Clintons direction in running false news about Trump and look where it got you? No where, and you’re falling down deeper into the Abyss. Credibility  is shot and the American Public despises you and all of the former Mainstream media. When Trump gets into office I really believe he may revoke your press pass or place all liar mainstream media news in the back of the media room. So expect to get the Jim Crowe treatment CBS.





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