Islamic extremist Muslims Rapes 19 year old German woman

Article about it.

I read this article and it’s very ‘sick’! A German medical student was raped and killed by Rape crazed Muslim extremist refugee. And the German authority under Globalist whore Merkle, is looking for people going on a justice spree/ hate against islamic derp-derp refugees. What I am saying they’re looking for people who’s going to say what needs to be said about this middle east trash in their country and dismiss it as derp-derp islamic phobia.

Now the victims parents, specifically the father is a supporter of the islamic parasites coming into Germany. Get this the guy replies that German should be more tolerant towards the people that refuse to integrate into the German Culture….Now you know and I know that this is a flaming piece of horse shit! Where the hell is the German men! In cologne Germany there’s too much sexual assault, rape, molesting women and now rape and killing women and it needs to stop.

To the German People

Merkle is fucking Globalist whore! She’s destroying the very country you love. And it’s time to take your country back from her and that islamic trash in your country. I really hope at least one German is reading this and is going to do something about this. All men in Germany organize groups to walk with females to stores to work at night. Second do not tolerate any those ignorant refugees who give you lip service or threatens a woman. It’s your country German people if you don’t do anything about it then you’re just as bad as the trash that came to your country.



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