President Elect Trump Talks to Tsai-Ing-Wen


Ya know these lolly pop brain Globalist is not going to stop even though they’ve lost the damn world. Recently Trump talked to President Tsai-Ing-Wen and all of a sudden hell breaks out. First Prestitutes get really amped up and I am like WTF are they but hurt about that. Taiwans President won in a land slide like Trump and she’s the first woman President. Without babbling I am just going to fill you in why China is really pissed off and why the Passionate Institutionalized Socialistic Sluts ( aka Piss)

Brief History Lesson

Let’s go back to the second world war when communist China got started. When those who did not comply to communist derp-derp rules, the people were slaughtered. Keep in mind China has killed millions of their own people as if it’s an Olympic sport. Further more keep in mind China has safety nets for those workers they work to death for making Apple products. Those who are retracted are actually killed, if you don’t believe me look it up!

Now back to the history lesson. Taiwan was and still is claiming Nationalism. However our Country has sold us out all those years ago starting around the 1950s. In the late 70s Peanut farmer Jimmy carter, Kissinger and a bunch of CIA operatives orchestrated selling out America to China. Furthermore our Country in the past betrayed Taiwan by selling them fire arms with no pin in the riffles to fire. Also in the 70s Jimmy Carter signed a defense treaty with them, so Taiwan can protect themselves from the communist Chinese. This is what Jimmy Carter did…He sold them out dated military stuff. No back to selling the country out, specifically raw materials. To be specific the minerals of the earth used to make computers and all that good stuff.  In addition plans to literally give the panama canal to the communist Chinese Government. One condition had to made in order for this deal to work. China could not make army and leave Japan alone.Now that deal played out because people had no idea this was going betwixt had no clue why all this attention to third world acting China in those days.Get this…China disobeyed the deal and made an army. They displayed their Army when the Brits gave back Hong Kong.

Recent History

Right now China has a huge 97 percent of the worlds minerals in their pockets and they’re pushing further into Africa for minerals as I type. Now you have the Globalist trying to make China into something that America will be, which is great. There’s no way in hell a communist Country can be a beacon for prosperity when it’s none for killing millions of people.

Why the P.I.S.S. folk are but hurt.

Here’s why the Prestitutes are having their period early. They’re getting pressure from the globalist and their communist Chinese pimps to shut Trump up. China has bought a lot of the loser Hollywood movie studios. Have you noticed how China has been represented as heroes in some of the latest movies? That should be a smoking gun to see how the Chinese along with their Globalist sugar daddies to brain wash more people. The best way to combat this is the boycott hollywood bootleg their work sell all movies you record for 99cents.

See the thing is now Trump will be president, I have gut feeling things will heat up between U.S. and China. My point is this America has got it’s second wind Nationally and the Nationalism is spreading world wide. When the President of Taiwan talked to Trump relationships between our countries will grow stronger. Second point: China is seen as back dealing, current manipulating country that exploits it’s own people for profit. Now that Tsai-Ing-Wen reached out to Trump, I am guessing she’s going to take notes from Trump for putting her people first. Since factories from America in China will be moving back to America Chinese Governments’ gravy train has dried up. Taiwan still has the defense treaty with America, again I am speculating Tsai-Ing Wen will talking to Trump about defenses, future business deals between U.S. And Taiwan will happen, that Taiwan will be China free for many years to come in addition a strategic trade maneuver on that part of the world.

Putting this together

To break this down for you on why China is really pissed off is two reasons. 1. Losing money. 2. Taiwan’s relationship with the U.S. for Nationalist Reason, putting their people first on every deal. What this means slash what we could see. Taiwan getting up to date military stuff, U.S. and Taiwan trade relations getting better. Both Taiwan and Americas National interest in taking care of the people, will only strengthen the relationship.

In closing check out this video, use it as a tool to do your own research on this. My gut tells me China is going to lose very soon on the world stage.

China’s pussy hurt


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