Fake news


Another blog on politics, I know I should be reading or something right lol. Unfortunately I can’t turn my back on this betwixt alert you the reader on what fake news really is. First let’s start off with Trumps win for the Presidency.

Trump did in fact tell everyone that the Lame Main Stream Media are dishonest liars that make falsehoods on everything the air. I’ve been saying that for 10 plus years and low and behold the corruption, cover up, the fake media like CNN is exposed for all the world to see. And what does the weak little Globalist do? You guessed right act like some adolescent girl and attack independent media that has been honest for over ten plus years!

What the Prestitutes and their Cat Daddy Globalist are doing

Mainstream media prestitutes like Anderson Cooper are going down and their blaming independent honest news like info wars, drudge report and other truth tellers for their sudden demise. The globalist are fighting back by orchestrating their bastard children news anchors and mainstream media hubs with a directive of pointing their ass stained fingers at honest news broadcasting. In addition the new one now in Europe blaming Russia for tampering with Social Media, which is a big lie. In Europe the globalist are pushing for some kind of Mocking Bird objective, excuse the CIA term. What I am talking about is stopping independent media, such as arresting news reporters or taking over their station so that the only media outlet is the lying ass Prestitutes who’ll do anything for the right price. Here’s the link to the video Attack in ‘real’ news

Low and behold the same thing happened in the U.S., Meaning the same bullshit directive was put in front of Congress on stopping fake news. Folks this unconstitutional move is being done as we speak. Info wars is black listed on google and google Chrome. The best way to fight this is expose it to kill before it gets rolling. Write your congressman or better yet flood Trumps’ email about this and demand the right for ‘press’ must be up held and the globalist and their P.I.S.S  ( Passionate Indoctrinated Socialist Sluts)folk get kicked out of this country.

You can say the press-on claws are out and the Globalist are grasping at straws to stop the truth. Unfortunately I don’t see this working, however we must remain Shaka Zulu like to beat down the Globalist. The tide has turned in the Nationalist favor, but we still have to keep on pressing the evil wimpy Globalist. The Globalist and their slack jawed lap whores mainstream media ride on lying to you all day every day. And we should do the same tell the truth about their asses 24/7 and make it our mission to spill the beans when a breaking story happens.

This is fake news.

  1. Fake news pervert the truth. Distort Head lines and jerk off Propaganda all over your face.
  2. They push the leftist agenda. Brain wash you so you become a globalist slave minded fool. And do the work of the Globalist.
  3.  Piss poor satire and fake. And they talk at you like you’re stupid.
  4. …Click Bait and rating cookies. They only see dollar signs they don’t give a damn about you.

FYI: AVOID WATCHING THEM AT ALL COST. I mean when you’re in eatery and they have the fake news on ask someone to change the channel or sit with your back to the screen.

Now let’s get to the fake news.

Here’s a list of the real fake news

1.CNN (Aka Clinton News Network) ( Aka Communist News Network) rating 1,2,3,4

2.C-Span 1,2

3. MSM 1,2,4

4.NBC 1,2

5. CNBC 1,2,3

6. ABC 1,2,3

7. Facebook 1,2,3,4

8. Google 1,2,3,4

9. MSNBC 1, 3, 4

10. CBS 1,2,3

11. The Spoof 2,3

12 NPR 2,4,

13. USA Today 2,3,4

14. New York Times  3, 4

15. Bloomberg 1,2, 3, 4

16. Huffington Post 1,2,

17. Michael Moore ( Queen of the lefts’ He Bitch also referred to as the Queen of the He bitches.) FYI this flaming bitch breaks my rating scale. He needs 1-10 and a new maxi pad.

18. PBS 1,2,

19. Economist 2,3

20. L.A. Times 2,3,4

21. Washington Post 1,3,

22. The Onion 1,2,3,4

What they are not telling you

90 percent of news mainstream presstitutes broadcast are owned by 6 big lousy media giants.  1. Comcast 2. Walt Disney 3. News Corporation 4. Viacom 5. Time Warner 6. CBS Corporation.

Now those six paper pushers are in control of it all. And yes they’re the globalist Hob-Goblins. You know what that tells you? You were lied to by these lord of the rings mimic wastes of sperm. The alternative strategy is to turn off the television and block their websites. Find an alternative social media platform. Another strategy go these websites to get your real news and pass the links on to your friends.


Drudge Report


The best way to deal with globalist and their weak corporate ass hats is to fight back. We’re literally at war for freedom. We’re winning battles the tide has turned but we must keep on fighting. Like I said alert your Congressman, Senator and President Elect Trump on how the Globalist is trying usurp the Constitution and black list honest news. Keep fighting the fight has just begun.



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