Feral Rex_Rex Sharp Claws #GCI

He has serious death grip on that card.

Happy Saturday people, today I am going to review betwixt show case Dr.Killingers re-issue of Feral Rex Sharp Claws. Unfortunately the good Dr. Is not making these again, I was lucky enough go all in when I pre-ordered the claws months ago. I know, I know why showcase and review a product that will no longer be made? To answer that I just want to show you all how bad ass they look on Feral Rex. In addition, Dr Killinger may change his mind and make limited addition if people ask him ‘politely’ to make more. I can’t promise he will but from what I know he’s not making them again, then again time will tell. For now let’s get into the show case slash review.

How to Install.

Unfortunately I don’t have pictures to show this. But I will give you pointers on how to safely get the pins out, replace the fingers and install the claws.  I used a safety pin to get the pins out to remove the typical rex fingers. Important: It will be important to have the fingers on a sturdy surface to poke out the pins. What I used hard back book. Next bend the knuckles down and have the side of the knuckle firmly on the book and poke the pins out. ‘However’ if you do not feel comfortable doing it how I did it please check out this video on how to install the claws

Install Feral Claws

On each finger they’re dotted. For example 1 dot for the first finger, 2 dots for the second and so on. As for the thumb there’s no dot for it. However I did not install the thumbs on my Feral Rex. He just looks ‘creepy’ with four sharp claws instead. More so it cast the illusion that his hands are deformed, battle harden from grabbing and slicing many foes. Also I just like Feral Rex to look scary.

These claws bring out the true character of Rex to me.
He can close his hands to make fists, no static from the claws. Also you can still store the hands in the feet the claws will be fine.
This is a ‘better’ picture of the claws up close.

Apology for the shortness of this review/ show case of these wonderful claws. Be sure to stop by GCI TOYS for figures and other in house upgrades Dr. Killinger has available. Take Care.


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