After playing around with IronShell for a bit. This is what I found out today to make his transformation to bot mode easier. On the instruction it’s a little too vague for me. As you know me I find stuff out on figures because I mess around with my collection. Take a look at the photos and read the captions.

See the peg holes? The salmon pink tabs click into these slots ‘before’ you collapse the waist.
These salmon pink tabs are meant to plug into the slots on the back. To have a snug fit, it will set flush from a birds eye view.
Another pic of caution make sure you have all of this lined up, then plugged in before you collapse the waist. Once that’s done collapse the waist and peg in the shell on the back. FYI make sure flip down the green tab on the peg hole.

Oh well that’s it just wanted you all to be on the safe side while transforming Iron Shell. Be a stickler for tabbing in everything for combine mode too. Because making sure everything lines up right is in full effect as well.


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