Good morning and a late happy Thanksgiving to you all. Spent Turkey day with Ironshell and trust me people when I say Iron Shell is worth his asking price. Iron shell has the silent bruiser feel about him. In addition his QC is cohesive with his appearance of ‘built’ to last. Without anymore intro babbling lets get on to the review.


  Nothing bad about Iron shell at all, and that’s the first when it comes to TFC. Iron Shell Attention to detail is ‘all’ over this figure all they way down to the Quality Control.


Lots and lots of good about Iron Shell. And I can go on and on about it. To make this an easy read for you  I will mention the highlights about the figure. Like I said before the ‘detail’ starting with texture of the figure.

The design and rich textures on the shell and legs on Iron Shell is fantastic. Looks like TFC has gotta a wizard making the translucent plastic work on on his body. The transformation is easy and awesome.To be frank everything on his body works, snaps into place and Iron shell is very solid in all three forms. Also when transforming him into bot mode, you push in the elbow joints to push the hands out. To me that is clever instead of prying the hands out with the good ole finger nail.


This section of the review I going to brutal honesty route. I have never handled a well made combiner main body figure since Leo Dux of the Feral Cons. When it comes to QC and appearance IronShell and Leo Dux should be the poster kids for it. What I am getting at Iron shell is well made and I can’t get over TFC made this.

Even though these are running and kneeling poses. How many main body combiner figures can hold these pose with no fidgeting? Well Iron Shell can. TFC has got this right, I’ve been saying that since I bought the first two figures from GCI. Since I am the proud owner of Iron Shell I literally pat myself on the back for giving TFC another chance.

Walking pose he held with no problem. Reason why is the hinge and ball sockets made into his beautiful feet.

How install the gun properly

I am just going to nip this in the bud. The instruction says to leave the hand closed and you can install it that way. WRONG don’t do it do it that way. The best way to do it is to leave the hand open. Insert the gun into the hand first. Second pull the salmon pink grip out and back into the hand. Key thing make sure everything is lined up. Get this the hand will naturally close around IronShells firearm.tfc_ironshell-015

Weapons…Exotic is the word here.

I am thinking this is going to be two melee weapons. One a sword and the other a clobbering Mace. Also you’ll get four silver weapons guards, only showing two here. Also inside of the weapon hilt there’s a gray strong plastic piece inside. I believe its going to be a support piece for the sword? I don’t know have to wait and see till additional pieces come with more figures.

Blade Paton

I am displaying these blade thingies like so. This could be engineers intention to have Iron Shell use them like this.

Turtle mode

What I find striking in his  mean looking turtle mode is the light pipe in the turtle head. More so how TFC made the turtle mode look like a tank on four stubby legs.

IronShell is a turtle but this the most handsome mean looking turtle I have ever played with. Everything locks into place in the turtle mode as well.

The half Combine Mode

A few months back some you tube podcast was saying the combine is too short, head is too small and the head sets too far back. Okay pay those clowns no attention at all. I sure as hell didn’t. For having Poseidon in hand, actually he’s proportionate for a stocky combiner.On that note TFC pulls off some amazing engineering in the combine mode as well. Unfortunately I can’t go into detail in combine mode. Just going to share this picture with you.

Height wise he’s a head shorter than oridin. But he’s more beefy than oridin, Better QC than Oridin, let’s say King P I will have no worries playing around with him. The head doesn’t sit far back at all. The shell/ chest plate make it appear that it does. For the record pay other you tube reviewers no attention or call them out. In addition the head is ‘big’ still working on conjuring up a way to get out easier.

Key option in Combine mode

The combine mode is scramble city. I will not have Cyber Jaw as  a foot, I want him as an arm. But I have to be patient and wait for all of the figures to be released and then I can assign who will be what limb. So far big bite will be the right arm. Which leaves me to tentakill, I call him intent-ta-kill. I have to see what he looks like as limb. Hell I might have him as an arm. The combine mode is going to be a grab session for collectors like me.


TFC has come a long way and thanks be to God they got this combiner right on the money. We will see more combiners done like King P? When I played with IronShell for the first time, I kept saying this is not a TFC product, I am being punked but yes this is a TFC product.  I have a funny feeling that King P will be over looked because he’s not as tall as the other 15 inches or taller combiners.

Ironshell is one articulated figure. And the sound of those ratchets is music to my ears. To be frank TFC made solid ratchets in the hips and legs of iron shell. So the TFC wobble splits is thing of the past now.

I actually highly recommend Iron Shell you’ll get your moneys worth also he’s a blast to play with. I give him a rating of 10/10 a perfect score. Most importantly IronShell is kibble free! Nothing will flop or wobble once you secure everything into place.

Here’s the link to GCI website where you can pick up Iron Shell, Cyber Jaw and Big Bite. Just click on the link Below.

GCI Toys

That’s going to it for me enjoy and a have a blast.


2 thoughts on “TFC_IronShell

    1. Appreciate I helped you and thanks for liking my review. Warning! When you have him in hand you will not believe TFC made this. And heads up GCI Toys will be doing an alternate head, hands and gun for Iron Shell too.


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